September 5 The weeks just keep flying by!

Dear Family,

It has been a pretty crazy week and it flew by SO. FAST. We were on
exchanges for practically the whole week and saw so many miracles!

Last Monday the Worland sisters (Sister Clegg and Sister Meek) came to
town and we went on an exchange! Sister Meek and I went out to
Ranchester and Dayton for the day, which was so fun! We biked and
talked to lots of people, we taught some great lessons to a few of our
progressing investigators and it was great. Also, we had delicious
stir fry for dinner, so that was fun too😊 The sisters left early
on Wednesday morning so they could make it back in time for their
district meeting in Greybull (about 2 hours away) and it is always sad
to say goodbye, but it always works out!
Wednesday our district meeting was focused a lot on Chapter 2 of
Preach my Gospel, which was perfect because I am trying to have more
effective studies! I gave a discussion on studying and preparing to
teach the lessons and I really liked this quote by President Packer.
He said, “True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior.
The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker
than a study of behavior will improve behavior." And I have definitely
seen how as I have studied the lessons and studied about the life of
Christ, my desire to follow Him has increased! So district meeting was
great, I always learn so much!

We were suppose to head to Lovell on Thursday afternoon for an
exchange, but we found out that President was coming to Sheridan on
Friday morning to do interviews! So we pushed the exchange back a
little and got the change to see President and Sister Wadsworth. Let
me just tell you, they are so amazing. They have a crazy insane
schedule but they always make sure we are taken care of! I love having
interviews with President because I always learn so much! They are
just great people and I feel so blessed to be serving with them.
So we made the trek to Lovell after interviews on Friday morning and
it was such a beautiful drive! We drive through the big horn mountains
and although we didn't seen any crazy wildlife we saw some really
pretty scenery (which was fine by me hahah) and it was Sister Hodgsons
first time driving through, so that was fun! We made it to Lovell and
Sister Crosland and Sister Davis had made us the cutest little lunch
(even though we had about 0.2 seconds to eat it because we got there
at 11:57 am and had an appointment at noon hahah) but it was such a
great exchange. I was with Sister Davis and she is absolutely
amazing!!! We biked all around Lovell and were able to talk to so many
people! We found a few new investigators and we definitely know we
were guided by the spirit. It was awesome.
We made it back to Sheridan on Saturday afternoon and finally got to
proselyte as a companionship😊 It is always so so fun to do missionary
work together after being on exchanges haha, she is just the best.
HUGE miracles happened on Sunday when M and L both stayed
for 3 hours of church! It was their first time staying for the entire
thing and they both really enjoyed it. It was definitely an answer to
prayers and fasting. The Lord has just blessed us with the most
amazing people here and I love it so much.
Highlights of the week! 😊
1. Teaching Primary! In the Ranchester branch we taught sharing time
for Jr and Senior primary which was such a blast. As part of the
activity they wrote letters to President and Sister Wadsworth and we
talked all about missionary work! It was great!
2. Homeless Shelter: We got to serve dinner with the Ward at a
homeless shelter this week and it was great. We even got talking with
this guy and gave him a Book of Mormon! I love doing service there, it
is so fun.
3. Today for preparation day the Elders in our district all went down
to Buffalo (about 30 minutes away) so Sister Hodgson and I made these
super yummy granola bars, ate ice cream, and took a 2 hour nap. Haha
it was pretty amazing. I feel like I've never fully caught up on
sleep, but it's okay because who needs sleep anyways? But today was
pretty fun.
I've been reflecting a lot on change recently and as I bore my
testimony in sacrament meeting I was reflecting on the past year and
the first time I bore my testimony as a missionary in the Portage Ward
a year ago. It's crazy how much has changed since then, it's crazy how
much I've changed. But I have a testimony that change is a principle
of the gospel and if Heavenly Father didn't want us to change, He
wouldn't change our situations. I know He loves us, I know He is so
mindful of us. A young man bore his testimony yesterday and said,
"When we take care of God and our country, they take care of us." And
I really liked that! As we are obedient to Gods commandments, we will
prosper in the land. Prospering isn't always according to what we
want, but He will take care of us. He always does. I love you so much
and I hope you have the most amazing week!

Love, Sister Wong

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