January 2 #2017

Hi Family!!! :) 

I am so full of gratitude for the kind citizens of Montana, who I absolutely love! This past week has been so good, this past year has been so good. I just am so full of gratitude. God is good. All the time. Also, YOU'RE THE BEST FAMILY EVER AND I LOVE YOU! 

I'm feeling much better than I was last week, after pumping my system full of vitamins, medicine, and getting about 13 hours of sleep, all is well! I'm feeling better and ready to take on the world! It was really awesome how despite me not feeling super well, Heavenly Father placed the most amazing people in our path as we went out to work! 

As I have been reflecting on the past year, it has been such a blessing to be in the service of my God each and every day. There have definitely been some tough days, but it's funny how you don't remember those very well. I have the best memories from 2016 and I've learned so much about the love my Savior has for me and for all of us. He was there to help me overcome every trial, every setback, every triumph, He is always there. Wow, life is just so good!
 One of the coolest things happened this week! We were driving to our lesson and I decided to turn around so I could park on the other side of the street.. well, we got stuck. So here we are, stuck in the snow, I'm trying to reverse and just get unstuck, but nothing was working! Sister Miller was attempting to back me and then to push the car forward, but we were very very stuck. Before you know it, this small older woman runs out of her trailer and yells, "I'll help you push!" So she runs through the snow and starts pushing us. Well, we still got nowhere. So she runs to her neighbor in the next trailer over and he comes out with a shovel and starts digging us out! He was so nice and we made a little bit of progress, but I was still stuck. As he was digging us out, a truck pulls up with a young family and the dad driving gets out to assess the situation. He said, "Well, I couldn't just drive past ya! I have a chain in my truck, I'll hook you up and get you outta there!" So they hooked the chain up to the hitch on the back of our Jeep and pulled us right out of the snow. It was a miracle! I was just SO impressed with the kindness these random strangers had showed me, willing to run out in the freezing cold to help these two stranded missionaries. Literally the whole time I was thinking about how they were Lighting the World, without them even knowing! So moral of the story, sometimes it's okay to get stuck in the snow, because kind citizens of Montana will help you get unstuck! We went by the trailer park again on New Year's Eve and dropped off some homemade cookies to each of their families. It was so much fun and a perfect way to end the year. 

Some other great things that happened this week included T having her baptismal interview, so she is all set to be baptized this Saturday! We were out Finding in this trailer court and we saw a man out on his porch, so we went and talked to him. Long story short, we left with some mountain lion sausage and fudge. It was great haha. J came to church this Sunday, which was so great! She hadn't slept much the night before, but she was determined to make it, and she did! This week we taught her about the word of wisdom and when we first showed up she was really hesitant and had a lot of questions, but as we taught it to her, the spirit really worked on her heart and she accepted it! She and her two sons have also accepted a baptismal date of February 18th! So we are super excited for them :) B and E are doing absolutely amazing! They have been coming for all 3 hours, having family home evening, reading the scriptures and it is awesome! Our last lesson with them E mentioned how he has started reading Genesis again because he was reading the Pearl of Great Price and it mentioned that Moses wrote Genesis, and he didn't know that, so he decided to go back and read it again and it is making so much more sense to him! It has been so special to see how they have just embraced the gospel. We are teaching them again tonight, so I'm looking forward to that :) 

Oh also, my last meal of 2016 was CAFE RIO, so I guess you could say it's been a pretty great year! We had lunch in Great Falls after our exchange with the Shelby Sisters and it was such a blast! We got together with the other sisters serving in Great Falls and it was great seeing them since we literally only see them on exchanges. Good times!
 Everyone is just so kind and it's been great to see how we can apply the #LIGHTtheWORLD principles to our everyday lives. I know our Savior lives. He is the Light of the world. What a blessing it is to serve him. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Love, Sister Wong 

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