January 30 Zoo Town

Hi Family! 

What an incredible week it has been! I am loving Missoula, it is so different from any area I've served before. I think that's something I love about missions, you are placed in a new community, with a new companion and you have absolutely NO idea where anything is, but it is SO FUN! Sister Styer and I have just been having a blast. Lots of laughing, awkward moments, and good memories. Life is so good. By the way, they call Missoula 'Zoo Town.'  

It was pretty sad saying goodbye to some of my favorite people in a Helena, but so bitter sweet because there is all this great missionary work going on there and I miss it! But I know I'm in Missoula for a reason! First off, J had is baptismal interview on Monday and he is going to be baptized on February 4th in Helena by his step dad, E, who was baptized in December! I am just so happy for their family, they are incredible! E received the priesthood this past Sunday. 

I also taught J and her family one last time in Helena, which was so fun! One of her boys, A, started coloring this picture for me and said he would mail it to me when he finished it. It was so sweet! J and her family all came to church last Sunday and they are progressing so well. 

On Tuesday night we said goodbye to the Millers, the wonderful family we lived with. They bought a cake and we all had cake around their table and talked about favorite missionary memories. Brother Miller even brought out his mission photo album and showed us some pictures. It was so fun. I felt so conflicted as I went to sleep, because I was so sad to be leaving, but I knew it was time.

Transfers happened on Wednesday. Packing was the absolute worst and I ended up with 3 jam packed suitcases, a backpack, a big box, and my laundry basket.. all full of stuff. It was craziness. Not going to lie, I'm a little concerned how to get all this stuff back to Hawaii in 6 weeks, if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears :) 

There were tons of missionaries who got transferred this week, so I got to see lots of good friends. It was so fun, and it made me a little nostalgic, thinking that that was my last transfer! But it was nice to be reunited and reminisce on old times. 

Sister Styer is so sweet and I absolutely LOVE being companions with her! It was so sad saying goodbye to Sister Miller, but I know she and Sister Crosland are just going to rock it in Helena! It's so funny to switch places, but I love all these sisters!
 So we got back to Missoula on Wednesday evening and honestly I don't even remember what we did. We moved in with the Anderson family and they are incredible and SO kind! They are such a fun family with younger kids, their oldest is 13 and youngest is 2. It is so fun waking up in the morning and hearing them practice the piano and violin before they head off to school. We had to drive back to Helena on Thursday to pick up the new sisters who just came into the mission and that was so fun! 

On Friday we watched the worldwide missionary broadcast where they focused on Teaching Repentance and baptizing converts. It was such a good broadcast and I learned so much. They also introduced the new missionary schedule and key indicators. It was pretty crazy, but I'm excited, Sister Styer and I have already implemented the changes into our schedule. 

On Friday we got a text saying, "T needs to get baptized" and it turns out there is a young man in our Ward who hasn't been baptized and he wants to get baptized. It's a little weird because he isn't sure if he's been baptized or not... so he will either be getting baptized or receiving the priesthood, depending on which ordinances he needs. But that was pretty cool!
 We had a zone breakfast on Saturday with one of the members of the Stake Presidency and his family. I loved the messages that were shared about prayer. Their stake goals are centered on the temple, so that was really cool. 

I just feel very blessed to be a missionary in the Montana Billings Mission. I know Heavenly Father loves me and is aware of my needs. I know the gospel is true. It is seriously SO FUN being a missionary. I hope you all have the best week ever and I love you!! 

Love, Sister Wong 

P.S. Remember that boy who rode his bike to church in Ranchester? Well, that is T, and he got baptized this Saturday!!! So happy for him and his family :) 

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