July 11 Stay Cool

Dear Family,

This week has been full of so many fun times, miracles, adventures and
everything in between. Mission life is the best. It's crazy to think
that the 4th of July was a week ago! We didn't do anything too crazy,
but the Sisters from Cody Wyoming came in for an exchange so that was
super fun! This coming week is the Sheridan Rodeo so things are
supposedly going to get pretty crazy in this small town, it's so
exciting. So about 50 people this week have told us to "Stay Cool" as
we were out and about. It has been pretty warm lately but we got
caught in a rainstorm yesterday and today it has been a little chilly,
I might have to break out my winter coat! (Just kidding😏)
Let's see, sister King and I are doing great. We had 4 of our
investigators come to church yesterday which was a huge miracle! I
gave a discussion in district meeting this past week on Diligence
which is one of my favorite Christ like attributes. As I was falling
asleep on Friday night Sister King started screaming and I start
freaking out, then we see a cricket start flying all around the room,
it was terrifying, I made sister King catch it and put it outside
hahahah. Then we settled back down and she starts screaming AGAIN,
turns out there were TWO crickets in our room, don't ask me how they
got there because I have no idea, but it was terrifying. We trapped it
between the screen and our sliding window, and we have kept our
windows closed ever since then, it was a very traumatic
We were contacting in an area of town where we haven't
done too much work and after finding that the person who asked to see us was no longer
living there we were having a difficult time deciding if we should
stay in that area or go somewhere else. We said a prayer asking
Heavenly Father to direct our path and guide us to where He needed us
most. When we opened our eyes we saw a man in his front yard a few
houses down, so we decided to go talk with him. He wasn't interested
but we shared our testimonies and by he time we finished talking with
him there was another lady outside a few more houses down, so we went
to talk with her! She was very sweet and had met with missionaries
before, but wasn't interested. As we headed back up the street there
was a younger family outside and so we talked with them, turns out
they are related to this potential investigator that we see All. The.
Time. In the most random places around town, it was pretty hilarious,
but they weren't interested either. So we were headed back to our car
after being on this street for a good 45 minutes and we see a lady and
a bunch of kids just past our car, so we walk up and talk with them!
They were very friendly and turns out they are moving to Salt Lake
City, Utah in like a week. She had a lot of questions about what we
believe and she was a little nervous moving into a city where there
are so many members. It was really neat because Sister King told her
all about Utah and I chimed in about how great it will be for her
family and everything. She took a copy of the Book of Mormon and I
have no idea where she will end up, but Sister King and I both felt
the spirit as we walked away because we knew we were where the Lord
needed us to be at that time. It's small things like that that help my
testimony to grow because I know He is truly guiding every step. It is
such a blessing to be an instrument in His hands, this really is His

Highlights of the week! :)
1. I met a Pomeranian puppy named Maile and I got to hold her for a
good 10 minutes, it was awesome and I am now convinced when I grow up
I will have a cute little dog like that.
2. Root Beer ice Cream Bars: we were contacting a potential and when
we showed up to the door so did a member of our ward who was selling
ice cream or something (it was a little awkward at first because we
didn't know which one of us should knock on the door) , it was so so
hot out and he gave us free ice cream and it was so delicious!
3. Baby Snow Cones! At dinner last night the members made these super
cute little snow cones for us and they were too adorable!

Basically this week was great, we spent most of our preparation day
deep cleaning our apartment (lol) but it looks amazing now, thanks to
one of the awesome members in our Ward who helped us switch everything
up! But as a result I don't have a ton of time to email. Basically I
love you all, you're the best and have an amazing week!!!

Love, Sister Wong

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