October 17 An Elk

Dear Family,

Last night we were trying this potential investigator and we had the
following conversation
Me: Are you searching for anything in your life?" Him: "An Elk." Haha
gotta love hunting season in WY.

What a week it has been!! So many miracles, lots of laughs, I got sick
(lol) but I'm feeling much better, crazy weather, and everything else
in between!

So last preparation day we went CAVING! It was so so fun, we went with
our district and it was the first time I've been craving since Great
Falls over a year ago! It was up Tongue River canyon and it was such a
pretty drive! Lots of fall colors and pretty scenery. It was probably
about half a mile to the cave and it was funny because I didn't think
we were actually going inside the cave, so I didn't bring any flash
lights.. Luckily the Elders were more prepared than us! It was a fun
cave, we hiked probably about a mile in and we were about 100 ft.
underground! There were a few parts where we literally had to army
crawl because the openings were so small, but after a while my arms
and legs were too sore, so I just started rolling and it was pretty
effective!! Anyways, it was way fun.
We had our first district meeting of the transfer! It was great, we
had a great training on these new active member lessons we are doing
as a zone, we talked about becoming a consecrated missionary and
shared lots of miracles! On Monday evening we had appointments set up
for each hour of the day, but they ALL fell through, so we were trying
this potential(who wasn't home) and saw this other lady outside, so we
went and talked with her! She invited us right in and we taught her
and her daughter an array of different gospel principles. The mom had
investigated the church almost 20 hrs ago but had never joined, we are
super excited to go back and teach them this week!
We drove over to Cody, WY on Tuesday night... Which was a little
crazy.. So when we left Sheridan it was snowing, and by the time we
got to the mountain pass it was dark, snowy and a little icy. Not to
mention, I was pretty tired. But, we made it safe and I know Heavenly
Father was looking out for us! The drive took about 4 hours (it
usually only takes about 3) and we got into Cody at 10pm, I was so
tired and went right to sleep haha.
We had a great exchange with Sister Felemi and Sister Brown! They are
so sweet and have some great work going on in their area. We attended
their district meeting and all of the sisters went out to lunch after,
so it was nice to see some other sisters!

On Saturday we had a relief society activity in the morning and found
some really cool new investigators! I am always so grateful that
Heavenly Father places such amazing people in our path. We spent a lot
of time out of our area with exchanges and meetings, and I have seen
how He really makes up for that lost time and helps us to do what we
need to when we are in our area!
We had some fun preparation day plans, but they are going to be put on
hold because it's raining today haha, but that means we get to play
podball! We have the sisters from Burlington are here for exchanges and
then we have one more exchange later this week, so we will be keeping
busy, but it's the best!

I hope you all have the best week ever and I love you so much!
I love you so much and hope you
have the best week ever!!!

Love, Sister Wong

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