October 10 The Gospel keeps on going like a River in your Heart

Hello Family!!

In Fast and testimony meeting yesterday, a little boy named James got
up and bore his sweet and powerful testimony. He is about 5 yrs old.
He talked about why he loves the gospel and closed with, "The gospel
keeps on going like a river in your heart." It was so precious!

It has been a great week, the weather has been a little insane, but it
has been good! We woke up early Tuesday morning to drive over the
mountain for a zone conference, only to find that the mountain pass we
were going to drive over was completely covered in snow and apparently
you could only drive through if you had chains on your wheels. SO at
6am Sister Hodgson and I headed to the church to figure out an
alternate way to get around the mountain and wait for the rest of our
zone to drive up to Sheridan (because originally we were going to meet
in Buffalo which is about 45 minutes away). We ended up going through
a different mountain pass and it took an extra hour, so we were an
hour late to our zone conference in Worland, but we all got there
safely and luckily there were only a few icy spots on the road! Also,
I forgot what it's like to drive in bad road conditions, this past
summer has really spoiled me haha.
We had a wonderful zone conference. President and Sister Wadsworth
were there and shared some really great messages. Sister Wadsworth
talked about the children's story of "The Little Train Who Thought He
Could" and related it to us as missionaries. We need to have the
attitude and mentality that we can do hard things, with the help of
the Lord! A lot of times as humans we give ourselves limits and
doubts, but I love that with Christ we can accomplish anything. We
received training on lots of other things, but the main focus seemed
to be progression. It was very fitting because I have been seeking
guidance as to how I can continue to progress and not plateau. It was
a very edifying meeting. It was also SO fun to see all of the sister
missionaries in the Wyoming West Zone! Since Sister Hodgson and I are
the only sisters in our zone now, it was way fun to see all the
sisters that we are serving.
After the zone conference we headed to Lovell to go on exchanges with
Sister Robertson and Sister Brooks! Exchanges are always fun, we did
some training with them and just went to work. The first evening we
did a super exchange where I went with Sister Davis and Sister Jones
(another set of sisters serving in Lovell) and we biked all around
town, freezing, but happy😊 I spent all day Wednesday with Sister
Robertson which was so fun, and then Thursday morning we headed back
to Sheridan.
On Thursday we went to the the homeless shelter to serve dinner and
L came to volunteer with us! It was so fun having her. Then on
Friday she invited us to go have lunch with her! She made us a
delicious salad and salmon... Fun times! She messaged us Sunday at
about noon and said she wasn't going to be able to make it to church
because she felt really sick, the. We walked into the chapel after
Ward council and she was sitting in her usual seat! Turns out she was
fasting for the first time and it made her really sick, so she ate a
little food and was able to come to church! She is just an amazing
lady. We love her a lot!
Highlights of the week! :)
1. Slim Jims: after being out of town for about 3 days, we showed up
to our apartment and found a little note with some slim Jims left by
our apartment door! We don't know who left them, but it was a great
little surprise!
2. Cupcakes: While in Lovell, Sister Robertson didn't have a dinner
appointment so we ate at their house, but we decided to bake cupcakes
for a less actives birthday! We made them so pretty, frosted them and
we're all ready to go. While sister Robertson was walking out to the
car (carrying the three plates of cupcakes, because she wanted to do
it herself) she looked back to say something to me and dropped ALL THE
CUPCAKES. Like they literally all started falling in slow motion. It
was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Luckily there were a
few that were saved, so we still had some cupcakes to give to the
woman for her birthday, but it was so so so funny😂there was literally
rainbow chip frosting EVERYWHERE.
3. Summertime weather: we spent all day Saturday biking around
Sheridan and it was SO beautiful! There were so many people out and
about that we were able to talk with! We even found a lady named K
who's dad is from Hawaii and her grandpa worked at Kamehameha Schools!
It was cool, hopefully we can go back and teach her soon!

All in all it was a great week. We saw lots of miracles and we're
definitely blessed. I never cease to be amazed and how wonderful this
work is! Everyday is full of new and unique challenges, miracles,
tender mercies, struggles, and everything in between! I am very
grateful to be serving in the Montana Billings Mission, I know I'm
bias, but I think it's the best! 😊 thanks you for all your letters
and emails, you're the best and I love you so much!!!

Love, Sister Wong

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