July 4 Happy Birthday America!

Dear Family,

While driving to church this week I saw a bald eagle. I love America.
Happy 4th of July! This week was so great and Sister King and I have
been looking forward to the Fourth of July all week. There are tons of
American flags all up and down Main Street and all over, and we are
wearing matching patriotic outfits which makes it even more fun :) we
have having a district "BBQ" today for preparation day.. Does it get
anymore American than hot dogs, chips and brownies? And don't worry, I
made a green salad for the district to add some healthy things to the
lunch. It has been a great day so far!

This week has been awesome, the usual craziness and unexpected
exchanges, transfers, new missionaries, it was all so much fun! We
found out Tuesday morning that the Gillette Sisters were coming up
that day and would be staying the night and spending the entire next
day with us while they waited for their new companions, so we went on
an unexpected exchange with them and it was so fun! We had gone on
exchanges with them just a week earlier, but it was great to see them
again. Our schedule was a little crazy since we hadn't planned for an
exchange, but we made it work!
On Wednesday we got to meet the new missionaries coming into our zone!
We have Sister Jensen, Sister Lisberg and Elder Black! It was so fun
to meet them all before they headed down to Buffalo and Gillette. They
are so awesome!

On Friday we went down to Gillette for zone training which was so fun
and a little exhausting. We focused on our commission to teach the
restored gospel, learning the language of the spirit, faith and
planning. I gave a discussion on planning and I absolutely LOVE
planning, it is so fun!

Highlights of the week:
1. I was joking around with Sister King that I could write her name in
Chinese, then our district leader walks in (we were at the church
planning) and is like "Oh Cool! Can you write my name?!" We both died
laughing, then I pretended to write his name in Chinese and he was
very impressed 😂
2. Banana Oil: So our most recent companionship laughs have been
because Sister King scares the heck out of me like 5 times a day by
doing the most random things, but this week I got her back! Everyone
knows Sister King has a phobia of Bananas, so we were sitting down
eating and I asked her if she had ever eaten Panda Express, she
mentioned that she had and it was pretty good. Then I looked at her
with a worried expression on my face and said, "Sister King, don't you
know that they cook EVERYTHING in banana oil?!" Needless to say she
was in complete disbelief and shock, she made an oath that she would
never eat there again. It was hilarious. But then I told her banana
oil isn't a real thing, haha,  so she is doing okay :)

3. JACK: We went over to a members home and they had just gotten a new
"puppy" and asked if we wanted to meet him. So of course I said yes!
They opened up the back door and this HUGE pit bull comes running into
the house and is jumping all over me and scratching me and I was
terrified and also laughing because he was so chill around sister King
but he would (lovingly) attack me every 2 seconds. While we were
sitting down to share a message their little girl let the dogs in
again and the pit bull runs and jumps on top of me, I do my best to
duck behind sister King so she can protect me, but it was of no use,
oh my gosh it was terrifying but so so so hilarious😂

Let see, what else happened this week.. We went out to Ranchester and
Dayton and got to see some of our investigators. We had 4
investigators come to church this Sunday! Our investigator M
came to church for the first time and it was so amazing.  Sheridan is such
a wonderful place to be, so many great people. We had FaceTime
interviews with some of the sisters in Lovell and we are starting an
exchange with the Cody sisters in a few hours, so it should be so fun!

Thank you for all of your love and support, I hope you're having a
wonderful 4th full of salt water and sunshine. I love you all so much,
thank you for your prayers, thoughts, emails, letters and just
everything. You're the best! Have a happy happy 4th ❤️

Love, Sister Wong

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