July 25 Sriracha and Lime

Hello Family!
So, it is official. I have converted Sister King to Siracha Sauce, she
literally uses it on everything. It is the best! Sister King has also
converted me to lime juice, specifically on watermelon. It is our new
favorite treat and we eat it ALL. THE. TIME. You should try it. Just
put some lime juice on your watermelon and enjoy :)

Let's see, what even happened this week? Sister King and I used the
crock Pot for the first time to make BBQ chicken which was super
delicious! We had a Branch BBQ to celebrate Pioneer Day and had a
pinewood derby! I love the Ranchester branch, they are all just so
amazing and it is so fun.

On Sunday we had a speaker in the Ranchester branch that talked about
going on family hikes. He shared a story about taking his family on a
big hike, they had weighed out their packs and the weight of the
backpack was correlated with each persons size and strength. About two
miles into the hike their youngest son was getting SO tired and
couldn't carry his pack, so the rest of the family started taking
turns and they realized that their sons pack was SO heavy, much
heavier than it had originally been! They opened it up and found a
cast iron skillet, cans of corn, and all these random things they
hadn't planned for. Does that story sound familiar? I couldn't help
but laugh thinking about our little hiking trip through Bryce Canyon
with Maile and her backpack, gotta love all those books, DVDs,
portable DVD players, Chargers, etc.😂

Highlights of the week :)
1. The Nebles (our housing inspectors) brought me a birthday cake and
a plant when they came to do inspections this past week, it was so
nice of them! Good think the plant doesn't require too much water,
since we are gone on exchanges almost every week!

2. Pancakes in the park: we had a Tri-Ward breakfast on Saturday to
celebrate Pioneer Day and it was so fun! We had a less active come
with us and she came to church yesterday for the first time in over 20
yrs, it was really neat!

3. Exchanges with Worland! We had a super fun exchange, got a good
amount of Biking in, found some new people to teach and just had a
great time. Sister Clegg and Sister Meek are both such amazing
missionaries and it was so fun serving with them for a few days :)

It has been a pretty weird week for us, definitely lots of opposition
and trying days, but we have been able to come out stronger and we
know the Lord has helped us so much. This week I learned a lot about
the principle of forgiveness. We were contacting a potential
investigator one evening and her husband answered the door. He was not
happy to see us and told us we were just wasting our time. We were
getting ready to walk away when he asked, "Hey. Do any of you go to
BYU?" I answered back in a cheerful voice and said, "Yes, I do!". Then
he looked me right in the eyes and in the meanest voice said, "I hate
you!" I was so taken aback that I didn't even know what to say. His
hurtful comment was steaming from his dislike of the BYU football
team, but still, there was nothing he could say that would justify his
rudeness. He didn't apologize and just asked us to leave. As I walked
away I held back my tears but by the time we were at the car I
couldn't hold them back any longer. It was really tough. I have had
many people say rude things to me on my mission, but never with such
animosity or hate. For some reason I just took that comment so
personally (well, probably since he directed the comment right to me)
and in that moment I struggled to forgive him. I felt so much sadness
and it was really tough. Sister King and I talked through it as she
comforted me and let me just cry for a few minutes. However, the
spirit taught me a lesson about my Savior and forgiveness. I thought
about the atonement and how Christ was willing to forgive those who
were so awful to Him, He forgave those who spit upon him, who mocked
him, who crucified Him. I was very humbled and I know in that moment
my Savior knew me perfectly and I had the opportunity to come to know
Him better. The Atonement is so real, This experience was really tough
for me, however I have been able to forgive and move on because I know
that's what the Savior would do. I am forever grateful for His
sacrifice and example. I am grateful for the experiences I am having
on my mission, I am learning so much and my testimony is strengthened

Have a wonderful week! And thanks for all the birthday wishes, you are
all the best and I love you SO SO SO much❤️

Love, Sister Wong

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