November 7 Hi Helena!

Hi Family!!!

It has been a crazy insane week, but full of lots of miracles! It
feels weird to be back in Montana, but I love it! Helena is a lot more
beautiful than I remembered! We currently live in this cabin up in
the mountains, so far it has been great! I spent a lot of time packing 
and getting ready to be transferred, it was a struggle.
We went to Billings on Tuesday night and it was fun to see
some past companions!

I got to Helena on Wednesday morning and it was instant craziness, but
so good! We had to sing at a funeral that day and we had two extra
sisters staying with us while they were waiting for their new
companions to come up on Thursday (all the new missionaries come up on
Thursday instead of the regular transfer day) so that was fun! I got
to meet a bunch of the awesome people we are working with and it was
so great! On Thursday we got to meet all the new sisters and went out
to lunch with them before they continued up to Missoula. It's fun
because Helena is one of the main stops for the transfer vans, so we
get to help out with that. Thursday we weekly planned and that really 
helped me to feel a greater sense of purpose in the area, knowing we have 
goals that we're working towards! We set some sweet transfer goals and I'm 
SO pumped about it!

My companion is absolutely amazing! Her name is Sister Linney and this
is her last transfer. She served in the same Ward I did in Great
Falls, so it has been fun hearing the updates on everyone in that
area. We get along super well and she is just so sweet. We live in a
mansion cabin in the woods with the Miller family, who is absolutely
incredible! Helena is pretty big so I am trying to get use to that!
Luckily, Sister Linney knows where she is going all the time! Our area
encompasses downtown Helena and out into the forest mountain area!

Friday and Saturday were basically a blur, but I know it was good! On
Sunday day we had a regional broadcast and Elder Rasband, Elder
Soares, Brother Durrantt and Sister Bingham all spoke to us, it was so
incredible! Elder Rasband talked about how God uses others to be an
instrument in His hand, he asked us questions about our testimony and
invited us to really take time to evaluate how we are progressing back
to our Heavenly Father. I loved how Elder Soares talked about setting
goals and making plans to get to the temple! He shared a story about
how when he was dating his wife they made it a goal to go to the
temple every week together and that really set the tone for the rest
of their marriage. It was really sweet.

Highlights/ Random things of the week:
1. Singing in Stake Conference! The whole Helena zone was asked to
sing the EFY medley in stake conference before the regional broadcast
and it went super well!
2. Getting attacked by kids: this week a kid spit in my face (good
times) and was climbing all over me while I was trying to teach the
restoration... It was a struggle haha
3. Annabelle the dog! The members we live with have a cute little
bulldog named Annabelle and she is HILARIOUS.
Okay also it has been SO fun because I get to see Sister Unutoa like
almost every day!! We are in the same district and she is also serving
in downtown, so it is the best!!! President Wadsworth is so nice
putting us together :) we probably have too much fun together, but we
love it!!!
Well, that is my life in a nutshell! I will try to write more next
week after I've started to figure life in Helena out. I love you
guys so much and I hope you have the best week ever!!! And happy
birthday littleTiff!!!

Love, Sister Wong

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