November 28 Thanksgiving Love

Dear Family,

I hope you all had a beautiful thanksgiving week! It has been so
beautiful here in Helena, I just love it! Still no snow.. it's pretty
crazy! We have had such a great thanksgiving weekend and I definitely
have a lot to be grateful for.

The week started off great with a fun exchange with the Dillon
sisters! Sister Embry came to our area in Helena and we had such a fun
time! A really cool miracle happened at about 8pm while we were on the
exchange. We had an appointment set up but when we got there we
checked our phone and they had texted us asking us to reschedule, SO
we looked through our back up plans and decided to try and contact
this former investigator who we had received their teaching record
from the 5th ward elders. When we showed up the former investigator no
longer lived there, but this new family had just moved in! The teenage
daughter and her older brother both came out and listened to a brief
message of the restoration (it was brief because it was pretty
freezing outside and they weren't dressed for outside weather!) but
the girl was a lot more interested so we set up a return appointment
and she gave us her phone number so we could confirm with her the day
before. So we leave and it was awesome! Then about 10 minutes later we
get a text from her saying that she accidentally gave us the wrong
number, so she was texting us to let us know, and she had read through
the restoration pamphlet already and really liked it! Sister Embry and
I were both in awe and so excited about it! So we will see where it
goes, we are hopefully meeting with them on Tuesday!
The B and E are doing SO well, I always look forward to
seeing them! It was a pretty big week because we taught them about the
word of wisdom, law of chastity and tithing, but they are so committed
to live these commandments and are making great progress towards their
baptismal date of December 10th! They came to church again this Sunday
and it was so great. Last night when we went over to teach them,
B had taken notes on Mosiah 1-2 because she didn't want to
forget what she read and she asked us some great questions about what
different things meant and it was just great! They have been reading
together as a family it is so neat to see the gospel working in their
We also had such a nice Thanksgiving, we had lunch Thanksgiving with
the Staleys (our Ward mission leader in 3rd Ward) and dinner
Thanksgiving with the Youngs (our Ward mission leader in the 1st
Ward). They were just so welcoming and we felt very loved. It was a
great Thanksgiving day!
Another highlight of the week was speaking in sacrament meeting in the
3rd Ward! We got the call at about 8:45pm on Saturday night, but it
always works out okay haha. I spoke about how gratitude leads us to
want to share the gospel. It was such a great topic for me to ponder
on and it helped me to reflect on the reasons why I decided to serve a
mission. In preach my gospel it talks about how the more we come to
understand the atonement, the greater our desire will be to share it,
I know that is true! I know we can be grateful in any circumstance and
a way we can show our gratitude is by sharing what we know to be true.
It is such a great work to be a part of!
All in all, life is good. We see so many miracles each and every day.
I am SO excited for the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative and I'm excited to
hear about the experiences you have with it and the people you are
able to share it with! As for the Worldwide day of service to kick off
December, I'm not too sure what we are going to do, we have our
Christmas zone conference that day, but I will keep you all posted!!
And I want to hear what you all decide to do too! Anyways, I love you
lots and I hope you have the best week ever :)

Love, Sister Wong

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