Aug 1 Baptism, Birthday, Burgers

Hello Family!

First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the birthday wishes. I love you
guys and I had a great little birthday! This week has been pretty
insane, and it has also been the best thing ever. We had so much going
on and I don't even know where I found time to sleep, but the Lord
definitely made it possible for us to accomplish everything.

So, our week started off with us driving to Billings last Monday night
in preparation for Mission Leadership Council (MLC) on Tuesday! We did the 
usual routine the morning of MLC. Wake up at 3:15am, get ready, meet at 
the mission home by 4:15am, drive the 4 hours to Helena (stopping in 
Bozeman to pick up the Zone Leaders there) then drive the rest of the way. 
We got there around 8:30 am, ate some breakfast and then had the most amazing
Mission Leadership Council, it was so edifying. We talked a lot about
ministering to the one and receiving personal revelation for each area
on how we can overcome different challenges and problems in the
mission. It was so great! We spent probably about 8 hours in the car
that day, but it worked out well. When we got back to Billings we went
to Cafe Rio for dinner and it was so yummy!

On Friday we had a zone training in Sheridan which was also amazing.
Our mission is all reading the Book of Mormon together looking for the
Character of Christ. We introduced this to the zone and they were all
really excited about it. Sister King and I gave a 45 minute discussion
on our desire to serve. Our actual topic was Activity vs. Results and
Finding Methods, however the spirit directed us to start with desire,
because you have to have a desire to serve God if you want to be
motivated to go out and work everyday! It was really neat to hear all
of the missionaries in the zone share where their desire to serve
stems from, the discussion was definitely guided by the spirit and

After zone training all of the sisters went out to lunch it was so
fun! We went to this place called Sanfords and they surprised me with
a little early birthday celebration :)
W got baptized this week! It was absolutely amazing. He had a lot
of family there who weren't members and we had such a big turn out
from the Ward that we had to move the service into the chapel! It was
such a special day for their family, and it was a great day for Sister
King and I. We just love that family so much and it was really neat to
see W make his first covenant with Heavenly Father! He was
confirmed in sacrament meeting the following day and that was also
really special.
Random things of the week! :)
1. Thunder Storms: it has either been a million and 1 degrees or it
has been pouring rain. It has been pretty fun. We have been caught in
a few rainstorms lately and we have just learned to go with it!
2. I got this huge bruise on my knee, I don't even know how.. It's
pretty intense haha.
3. I had 3 burgers this week, I don't think I've ever eaten so many in
my life. #goodtimes

Things are going great, thank you again for all the birthday wishes.  I am excited for
this week! I'm headed down to Gillette this evening for an exchange,
so that should be pretty fun! Anyways, I love you all so much and have
a wonderful week! :)

Love, Sister Wong

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