August 15 Fisher of Men...or....Driver of Monster Truck

Hello Family!!

This week at a dinner appointment we shared one of the new Children's
Bible videos (if you haven't seen them, you should check them out!)
with their family. They have two young boys so we decided to show the
"Fishers of Men" video because we thought we could relate fishing
to missionary work! After we showed the video we were discussing it
and we asked their 5 yr old if he wanted to be a fisher of men and he
responded by saying, "I don't WANT to be a fisher of men!! I just want
to be a monster truck driver!!" Sister Hodgson and I couldn't stop
laughing, it was hilarious.

This week has been a little insane, full of laughter, tears, hard
goodbyes, happy hellos, etc. I guess it was just a typical transfers
week. I was definitely in denial that Sister King was getting
transferred, I didn't even shed a tear till we were in Billings. Let
me just tell you, our schedule was a little insane on Tuesday. We had
a dinner appointment out in Dayton at 5pm (which is about 25 minutes
out of Sheridan) and we had to be back in Sheridan for the district
leaders baptism at 6pm and then the transfer van was picking us up at
6:30pm. It was all insane because we had an investigator coming to the
dinner so we wanted to make sure we were able to teach a lesson, eat,
and leave in about 30 minutes. It was crazy. We were late to the
baptism and I literally felt like I was running around all evening,
but it worked out and we made it safely to Billings on Tuesday night.
Wednesday was a weird day, mostly because Sister King was proselyting in
her new area and I was with a different companion, but it worked out
well! We were able to help a little with the new missionary
orientation and meet all the new elders and sisters who came into the
mission last week, they are so awesome!

On Wednesday evening Sister Hodgson made it to Billings after a super
long transfer van ride from Missoula! Then we drove back to Sheridan
and it feels so good to be back. Let me just tell you, Sister Hodgson
is amazing! She is so sweet and kind and super patient with me
(especially since I feel like I've been a missionary for like 2 days
haha) it is so fun to serve with her again and I am so excited for
this transfer!
Highlights of the week: 😊
1. I made Sister King spam, eggs, and rice last preparation day for
the first time and she loved it!
2. Sister Unutoa!!! So on Tuesday I was in Billings and I was having a
super hard time just adjusting to life and I went to sleep super sad,
then on Wednesday morning I woke up and I heard some people out in the
front room so I went out to see who was there and IT WAS SISTER UNUTOA
#tendermercy and she had dropped her companion off at the transfer van
at 5:45am and was with the billings sister training leaders for the
morning, and since we were staying with the billings sister training
leaders I got to see her! We took pictures and I look so so tired
because they were taken at 6:30am hahahah but it was so fun to see

3. New Missionary Orientation: I think my favorite part was watching
all the new missionaries get their area and trainer assignments. It
brought me back to my second day in the mission field and how excited
I was when I found out I was going to Great Falls to be with Sister
Anderson! It was neat to feel their excitement and desire to serve. It
was also really cool to actually know where all the areas they are
going to are!

We have spent the past few days biking all over Sheridan and
Ranchester, which has been so so so fun!! The first few days were a
little rainy, but it has been so much better and it is nice and sunny!
I get to drive the truck now, which is also super fun! I finally know
how to use cruise control!! I seriously did not know what that was
before my mission haha. But it's good. We have a crazy upcoming week,
but I am so excited for it!

Life is so good, we see so many miracles each day and it is such a
blessing! I love being a missionary, it is the best! Good luck with
all the craziness this coming week, I hope you are all enjoying your
first weeks of school/last weeks of summer/ starting seminary/getting
ready for college! Take a little nap for me, I am exhausted like 99%
of the time, but I love it so much and I wouldn't have it any other

This morning I was studying the first presidency message from the
October 2015 Ensign by President Uchtdorf titled "Finish with your
Torch still Lit" and I wanted to share this quote with you, He says,
"It’s human nature to stumble, fail, and sometimes want to drop out of
the race. But as disciples of Jesus Christ, we have committed not only
to begin the race but also to finish it--and finish it with our torch
still burning brightly. The Savior promised His disciples, “He that
shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 24:13)."
I know that wherever we are at in our lives, we are working towards
eternal life and exaltation, we need to keep pressing forward and
finish the race with our torches burning brightly!! I love you all so
much and have a wonderful week! 😊

Love, Sister Wong

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