August 8 Mission Life, Crazy Life, Best Life

Dear Family,

Oh my goodness, this week has been so insane and just the best. SO
first off, transfers are this week and I found out yesterday that I
will be STAYING in Sheridan and my new companion will be Sister
Hodgson!! I am so sad to say goodbye to Sister King but I am excited
to serve with Sister Hodgson (again!!) since we were in the same
district in Great Falls! 😊 It's crazy because ALL of the sister
training leaders were in the MTC together, except for me, because I
came out two transfers after them, haha, but I've been companions and
served around almost all of them, so I'm super excited!! We don't have
too many changes in our zone which is nice, but I will possibly be in
Billings this week when Sister King goes up because there are no other
sisters in Sheridan that I can wait with while I wait for Sister
Hodgson to come from Missoula! But that is the crazy news of this

Let's see, the week started off with an exchange with Sister Seamons,
which was SO fun! I went to Gillette (which is about 2 hours away) and
proselyted in their area. Gillette is so different from Sheridan, but
it is always fun experiencing other areas and working with other
missionaries! Sister Seamons is such an incredible missionary, I
learned a lot from her! We had lots of appointments which was fun, we
didn't get to do as much finding as I would have liked, but it all
worked out!

Wednesday morning we drove back from Gillette and had our last
district meeting of the transfer! We focused on Christ-like
attributes, which was very fitting, especially because we are studying
the Character of Christ as a mission! We had a little "district BBQ"
after which was also pretty fun.

Highlights of the Week!
1. Chinese Friends: While I was in Gillette on an exchange, Sister
King texts me and says, "Hey you better brush up on your Chinese
because we are teaching these Chinese girls on Thursday!" And I knew
she was joking but I was just like.. What the heck I don't even speak
Chinese hahah. SO Thursday comes around and we show up at this house
and there are 6 Chinese girls who are here working for a few months
and speak very little English. Obviously Sister King and I had
prepared ourselves by downloading the different Hallelujah and Because
of Him videos in traditional Chinese (on our iPads) and we tried to
show it to them... Turns out they don't speak traditional Chinese...
So we are talking with one of the girls and she tells us she speaks
Cantonese.. So we quickly go get wifi to re-download all the videos in
Cantonese. By the time we get back to their house most of the girls
are home from work so we show them all this video in Cantonese. During
the video one of the girls is literally talking the entire. time. And
we were so confused because she was speaking Chinese so we had no idea
what she was saying. After the video we asked her what she thought and
it turned out that she was the ONLY ONE who spoke Cantonese. The rest
of them all spoke mandarin. So basically she was trying to translate
the video for all her friends. It was hilarious. We failed twice
hahahah but they were super sweet, and asked us to take a picture with
them after the lesson😂

2. Hawaiian Shave Ice! While we were in Gillette we stopped at this
shave ice place that a member owns and they gave us free shave ice and
it was the best! Like it was legit and reminded me of Shimazus or
Matsumoto. The family isn't from Hawaii, but they have traveled there
a lot and love it! It was fun to talk with them for a bit and talk
about Hawaii😊p.s. I got a "Wyoming Sunrise" shave ice which was
strawberry, vanilla and pineapple with ice cream on the bottom. It was
so so yummy!

3. Español: Sister Seamons is actually a Spanish speak sister so she
does an hour of language study each day, so while we were on exchanges
I did language study and it was so hilarious because she would say
things and I had no idea what she was saying. She asked me to say the
closing prayer at the end of the study hour and I didn't realize she
wanted me to say it in Spanish! So basically I was like a little 3 yr
old trying to pray and she just told me exactly what to say. I'm
pretty sure I pronounced everything wrong, but it was hilarious. It
reminded me of how grateful I am to be speaking English, lol.
4. Wraps: My wrist was hurting at the beginning of the week (probably
because I went to hard at podball😉 ) but anyways, so we asked the
elders if they had a wrap for my wrist and they said they would bring
it over, so they showed up with two turkey wraps! It was hilarious,
but they also brought me this tape stuff for my wrist and its feeling
much better lol. I hope that made sense... But it was pretty funny.

As you can see, I've done many cultural things this week, which has
been pretty hilarious/amazing/fun/hard/but so much fun. We had end of
the transfer interviews with the sisters in the Wyoming East and
Wyoming West zones throughout the week which was also super great! I
love hearing about the different miracles in their area and setting
goals with them, they always inspire me to want to be better!

Okay last thing, I have to tell you about one of our amazing
investigators. We will call her "L". So, L came to church for the
first time about 4 weeks ago with her good friend. 
We met her at church but weren't able to contact her
after that and we weren't sure if it was in our area. Anyways, before
W's baptism last week we felt prompted to go see her, so we did
and it turns out she does live in our area and she let us right in! We
didn't have a lot of time, so we briefly taught her about the Book of
Mormon and she said she wanted us to come back and teach her more! We
went back this past Thursday and taught her the restoration and it was
so cool because she said it was exactly what she is looking for and
knows that God speaks through prophets and recognizes the spirit when
she comes to church. When we invited her to be baptized she didn't
give us a firm commitment, but she said she knows it's all true! So
she came to church again this Sunday and it was her 3rd time at
sacrament meeting, but it was her first time staying for the Gospel
Principles during the 2nd hour! Our ward mission leader
teaches that class and the lesson we were on was The Lords Law
of Health, AKA the word of wisdom... Which we hadn't taught her yet
(since we have only taught her one lesson lol). Sister King and I were
excited and also a little nervous because we weren't sure how she
would react. We honestly had no idea how this lesson would go, but I
was completely blown away with how God has prepared her to receive the
gospel at this time! As our ward mission leader began teaching he
mentioned that we don't drink coffee. L seemed very surprised and
asked if he was being serious! He said yes and then L responded with,
"Well, I had no idea! Good thing I ran out of coffee a few days ago, I
won't ever drink it again!" Sister King and I just looked at each
other and were SO SO happy! Sister King brought up that she won't be
held accountable for what she didn't know, but now that she knows and
understands the commandment she will be accountable and L said, "Oh
good, so I'm off the hook! I honestly just didn't know about the
commandment but I don't need any of that bad stuff to go in my body!"

It was so amazing to hear her say that and to be so excited to learn
and live the gospel. I know the Lord has prepared so many of His
children to receive the gospel. We are teaching her again tomorrow
morning before Sister King leaves and we are just so happy for her!

We see so many miracles each day and I need to be better at sharing
them with you all. I just feel so much gratitude in my heart, I am so
grateful to be here sharing the gospel with Heavenly Fathers children.
I am so grateful for my testimony of the restored gospel, I am so
grateful for Sister King and all I've learned from her the past 3
months! I am grateful to know that I am a child of God and that He is
looking out for me. I am grateful to be past of such a wonderful
family. I love you guys so much and I hope you have a wonderful week!
Know that I love you so much and I am grateful for your prayers and
support. It means the world to me! I love being a missionary!

Love, Sister Wong

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