July 18 Keep On Keepin On

Hello Family!

What a week it has been, I am finally catching up on lost sleep and it
is suppose to be over 100 degrees this week in Sheridan! (Good thing
we are headed to Worland, WY this evening for an exchange, hopefully
it will be cooler there!) There are definitely highs and lows on a
mission and at times I feel like my life is a roller coaster of
emotions, but what brings me the most peace and happiness is knowing
that everything always works out and the Lord is on my side. We are
fighting the good fight and with God we will not fail.

We have been crazy busy all week and it feels like years since
preparation day, but at the same time it feels like it was just
yesterday. We had two exchanges which were a blast and that took up
most of our week!

On Monday evening Sister Crosland and Sister Davis came to Sheridan
for an exchange and we had so much fun! I spent all day Tuesday biking
around Ranchester with Sister Crosland. We talked with so many people,
taught lots of lessons and found quite a few new investigators! It was
about 8:30pm and it is a 25 minute car ride to get back to Sheridan,
but we decided to contact one more referral and we found this amazing
family who is so prepared! I know the Lord definitely blessed us for
just trying to do our best. We are going back to teach them this week
and I'm super excited! Also, I got bite by a bug on my face #goodtimes

Wednesday we had a nice district meeting, I gave a discussion on the
importance of listening to the spirit, the investigator and our
companion. We had a guest speaker that came and shared her conversion
story. It was very powerful to see how the gospel truly changed her
and how different her life is now. I have such a strong testimony that
the Spirit is the real teacher and when we experience that "mighty
change of heart" our lives really do change!

Thursday we headed down to Gillette for an exchange with Sister
Nichols and Sister Jensen! It was such a blast and on Thursday evening
Sister Nichols and I were working in this trailer park and found a
sweet new investigator! We set up a return appointment for the
following night and Sister Jensen and I went back the next day and
taught him the restoration! It was Sister Jensens first time teaching
the restoration to a new investigator and it was so great, the spirit
definitely touched the investigators heart and I'm excited to hear
about how it goes!

Honestly by the time we drove home on Saturday afternoon I was
completely and utterly exhausted. It was such a struggle. I took a
power nap because I literally could not function and then we headed
out for the rest of our day. The Elders in Sheridan had a baptism so
we went to that and it was such a spiritual experience. I love
baptisms because you witness Heavenly Fathers children entering the
gate and making their first promise to Him. It is really special.
W will be getting baptized in two weeks and we are so excited for

Highlights of the week:
1. Sister King leaving me notes all around the apartment as we were
trying to pack for our exchange: She wrote all these notes out and on
each note she put part of a scripture, I kept finding them in the most
random places as I was quickly trying to pack, it was hilarious!
2. Horses! We saw so many horses this week. While we were in Gillette
we did service for this lady and she had a bunch of cute horses and
then we went to dinner on Saturday with some members who had really
pretty horses too!

3. Joshua 1:9- A few weeks back we were going to try this referral and
we got to this house and the teaching record said to "beware of dogs,
they will attack you" so naturally I'm already terrified. We walk up
to the gate and don't see any dogs but I was still terrified out of my
mind and didn't want to go. Then sister King starts reciting Joshua
1:9 super loudly in my face "BE STRONG AND OF A GOOD COURAGE, BE NOT
WHITHERSOEVER THOU GOEST" and as soon as she finished these GIANT dogs
come SPRINTING and BARKING to the fence. Basically the spirit saved
our lives and was telling me not to go. It was hilarious but also
4. PODBALL AT 6AM: Yes, dreams really do come true. While we were in
Gillette we woke up at 5:45am (probably why I am still utterly
exhausted lol) to go play podball at the church with the other sisters
in the area. It was so so so fun, even though I didn't win. 😊

So yes, this week was great. Today we ate ice cream in the park which
is always fun. We have to go home and pack for our Worland exchange
this evening. It's a three hour drive to get there, so it should be
fun :) It's a good day to be a missionary in the Montana Billings
Mission. I love it so much. And I love you so much! Have a wonderful
week :)

Love, Sister Wong

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