November 14 But She Speaks English Too....

Dear Family,

Oh what a week it has been! I feel like my head is still spinning,
trying to get my life in order! I love Helena, it is absolutely
beautiful here. It has been fairly warm all week, there is sunshine
and it has been in the 50s-60s during the day, so I have nothing to
complain about!

We had a dinner last night with a family of six kids, the oldest comes
out and I introduce myself. The dialogue went
like this, Me: "Hi, I'm Sister Wong!" Their 14yr old looks at me and
says, "Oh, Wong. Asian. Let me guess. China?" And I explain how I'm
actually from Hawaii, then as she is walking back to get her brothers
and sisters she turns to them and says, "But she speaks English
too"😂😂😂 it was pretty hilarious.

This week was FULL of meetings.. So many meetings... We had MLC on
Tuesday morning and it was SO nice because I didn't even have to wake
up early to get there on time! We woke up at 6:23am, went running, got
ready for the day, then headed to the stake center. We had a wonderful
meeting and received lots of training on various topics. Something
that really impressed me was the power of the Book of Mormon in
conversion. We literally hold the convincing evidence of the
restoration in our hands, and we need to be sharing that with people!
Sister Linney and I have been evaluating how we can better use the
Book of Mormon with those we are working with. We also talked a lot
about desire, what our desire is as a mission and as individual
missionaries. President Wadsworth introduced us to the new Christmas
Initiative that the church will be releasing on November 25th, 2016.
It is called #LIGHTtheWORLD and I am so excited for it, I know it is
inspired and it is the message our Father in Heaven wants us to be
sharing with others! We got to see the video at MLC and it is just
amazing, I am excited for you to see it and share it with others!

On Wednesday we went on our first exchanges of the transfer with the
Helena 6 Sisters! I was with Sister Stewart and she is such a
sweetheart! She is in her 2nd transfer and is from Windowrock, AZ! She
is Navajo and reminds me so much of Sister Nez. We were working in
their area and by the end of the day we hadn't seen too much success,
but we felt prompted to try this family who they had a tough time
getting in and teaching. We got there at about 8:15pm and they let us
right in to teach them! We shared the message of the restoration and I
couldn't help but feel SO much gratitude in my heart for the
opportunity to enter into a strangers home and share a message full of
joy, specifically for them, and feel a small part of the love that
Heavenly Father has for them. It is such a blessing and a privilege to
be a full time missionary.

On Friday we had Zone training in the morning and that went well! One
of the zone leaders gave a discussion on Desire, Sister Linney and I
both gave a discussion on the Book of Mormon, and we concluded with a
discussion from our other zone leader on the new Christmas initiative.
I love zone trainings because it gives each missionary an opportunity
to share insights and receive revelation for their area and
companionship! After zone training we started our second exchange of
the week! So I have to preface this by saying, dreams really do come
true!! It only took 14 months, but Sister Unutoa and I were FINALLY
companions!! It was such a fun exchange and I learned so much from
her. She has such a way of emulating the Savior's love to everyone she
meets. We were able to help one of our recent converts paint her shed,
find some great people and have a fun day of proselyting. It was such
a blast!!

We had stake conference this weekend, so we were blessed to see
President and Sister Wadsworth! We had interviews with him on Saturday
morning and it was great. I always love talking with President because
he has such great insights to share. He shared that often times we
think that "Sister Wong + More =Christlike" but the reality is that
"Sister Wong + Christ = More". I've been pondering on that a lot
lately, I have a testimony that Christ makes all the difference, He is
the difference. It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of the
world, to judge ourselves based on what the world thinks of us, but it
is SO important that we always remember our true source of strength,
which is Christ. We had a wonderful stake conference and Elder Stacey
of the seventy was able to visit with us. I am so grateful for the
gospel, I know it is true!

I left stake conference feeling very edified. This past week has been
somewhat of a challenge due to my health, but I know Heavenly Father
will continue to help me! I was super nervous because we are
constantly on the go, and basically I don't have time to be sick,
haha. But the Lord continues to strengthen me and I know I will get
feeling better soon. I got sick on Tuesday towards the end of MLC and
it just hit me like a ton of bricks, I'm still not feeling very well,
but luckily it hasn't really slowed me down too much and we are still
able to proselyte everyday:)

Highlights of the week! :)
1. We showed up to our lesson yesterday with our 9 yr old investigator,
K, and he had made us these cute little fruit bowls in these fancy
dishes. He was so excited about giving us food and it was one of the
sweetest things! We also had a great lesson on faith.

I am very grateful for all the experiences I'm having on my mission, I
feel so humbled and grateful to my Heavenly Father for this
opportunity to serve! We have a busy week coming up, but I'm excited
for it and I hope you all have a wonderful week, too! Thank you for
your prayers and letters of encouragement. I love you all so much!

Love, Sister Wong

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