September 26 Build & Bear Your Testimony

You know the saying "When it rains it pours"? Well, that is exactly
what it did this week. It poured blessings, trials, and actual rain.
I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about everything, but
overall I am just grateful that the Savior has been where I've been
and everything will work out, it always does!

The week started off great! We had a few really great lessons with
L in a membe'rs home and it is just SO neat to see her embracing
the gospel. We were sitting around the dinner table and she noticed my
YW medallion I was wearing and said, "I've noticed that nobody at your
church wears crosses, so I stopped wearing mine. But why don't you
wear them?" The member we were having dinner with talked about how we
know that Christ lives and that is how we remember Him, and she said
that it made so much sense! She just has such an open heart and is SO
willing to learn and make changes in her life to bring her closer to
Christ, it is awesome!

We had such an awesome Relief Society activity this week called "The
Straightway Mall" and it was a bunch of little workshops set up like a
mall! There was one about "The Colors of God" and it was all about
coloring and God's creations. Another one was called "Build and Bear
your Testimony" (like Build-a-Bear Workshop) and she shared how
different bears represented different times in her life and how her
testimony has grown. It was so cute and so clever! Also, we got
chocolate covered cinnamon bears at the end and I started laughing
because I literally thought BYU was the only place you could get
that.. Apparently BYU didn't come up with chocolate covered cinnamon
bears.. Who would have thought? :)

I loved ALL the talks from Women's conference, but I loved what
President Uchtdorf said about Faith. He mentioned that faith will
never take away the agency of others or change the will of God,
however, faith empowers us to do the will of God. I also loved Sister
Oscarson's call to all women to rise up and fulfill our divine
potential! I thought it was so powerful and I'm so excited to go back
and study all the talks.

Highlights of the week! :)
1. Swig Cookies: at the "Straightway Mall" relief society they had
swig cookies which were so so so yummy and made me miss Provo a
2. Footsie Pajamas: Sister Hodgson and I had a pretty rough day on
Saturday, so we spent from 9:30-10:30pm in footsie pajamas, listening
to youth music and just talking on the couch. It was a great
little bonding experience #companionshipunity

L, who was on date to be baptized on October 8th, has decided to
postpone her baptism till she can fully commit to live all the
commandments. M, our investigator who was suppose to get
baptized yesterday, didn't show up to church yesterday, and then did
not show up to her baptism. These two experiences have caused me a lot
to think about the will of God and the agency of others, two things
which are out of my control. At first I felt devastated because I felt
the weight of their salvation on my shoulders, I filled my mind with
thoughts of things I could have done, or should have done, that would
have changed the situations. However, as I was partaking of the
sacrament yesterday I pondered on the talk "Yielding our hearts to
God" and realized that these "trials" are an opportunity to submit my
will to God and put my trust in Him. Despite the sadness I felt, I am
so grateful for these trials that help me to learn and grow. I know
God has a plan for each of His children, including me. I feel very
blessed to be a part of this great work.

Thank you for all your love and support, it means the world to me and
I am so grateful for you! I hope you have a beautiful week and enjoy
General Conference!!! Sister Hodgson and I are SO pumped for it :) I
love you!

Love, Sister Wong

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