February 6 37 Degrees has Never felt so Good!

Hi Family! 

I hope you're all enjoying the warm sun for me. It's been warming up, but there has been SO much snow. Apparently it's been one of the craziest winters in the past 40 yrs. I feel pretty blessed to be experiencing a "true Montana winter"😉 

We have been keeping extra busy and the first full week of the transfer always seems to be the craziest. There were so many good things that happened this week and so many miracles, I love being a missionary! We ended up driving down to Helena on Monday night for MLC because there was a big snow storm coming in over night, so we didn't want to get stuck driving in a blizzard in the dark... but we made it safe and We got to spend the night with Sister Unutoa and Sister Wood, so that was a huge tender mercy! 

MLC was so great. We discussed the new missionary schedule and how we are implementing it into our mission. The focus, however, was on helping investigators make and keep commitments and finding people to teach. Ultimately, to help people repent. I have gained a strong testimony of repentance and change on my mission, it is such a blessing to teach Repentance. At MLC I also gave my departing testimony and it was pretty weird. I was just standing in front of everyone... and then the tears came.. and they wouldn't stop... but it's fine... haha I'm glad I made it through. It was just a really humbling experience and I feel so grateful for the experiences I've had and the growth I've seen in myself and my testimony. There were four of us who came out together at MLC, so it was so nice to hear their testimonies as well. I also got to see SO many people I love at MLC, the Bairds (who have worked in the office the past 18 months) went home this past week and I was so glad I got to see them before they left. I saw so many past companions, past District and zone leaders.. it was just a nice tender mercy to see so many people I love. President Bingham (the Helena Stake president) also came for a bit, so it was so fun seeing him as well!!
 We also had interviews with President Wadsworth. He always gives the best counsel. This transfer he asked me to focus on how "sacrifice brings for the blessings of Heaven." And to teach that doctrine on exchanges with the sisters and so forth. I definitely have a testimony that when we sacrifice things for the Lord, he blesses us more than we can comprehend. He also asked me if I'm excited to go to the beach... but then he said, "never mind, I don't want to make you trunky"😂 President is just the best. 
We had our zone Training on Friday and we did it in a little different format, but I think it went really well! We did smaller group discussions, break out sessions and role plays. There was a really special spirit there and I feel so grateful to be serving in the Missoula zone! We found out on Sunday that they will be creating a new stake in about 2 weeks here, so that was crazy, but so awesome! Elder Cornish and someone else will be coming to organize the stake, so everyone is anxious and excited to see what happens. Not to mention, Sister Styer hit her year mark on Friday! And I hit my 1 month mark on Saturday, so we celebrated with fro yo (it's never too cold for fro yo..) and Carmel apples haha. It was so fun! 

I got the happiest pictures on Sunday morning from the L family in Helena! They sent me pictures of their son, J, who was baptized on Saturday. It made me SO happy, they are just an incredible family and it has been such a blessing to be able to get to know them and teach them about the gospel. They are loving their new calling as building and cleaning coordinators and have just embraced the gospel.
 We are teaching two youth who are set to be baptized here in Missoula in a few weeks, so we've had some great lessons with them! We also had a really neat experience this past week, it was probably around 8pm and we went over to try this family we are working with. It was cold, icy, and not the most fun weather to open proselyting in and sadly nobody was home. So we walked back to our car and just before we got in, the door to the car parked behind us opened. It was the sister of the father of the family we were trying. She asked if anyone had answered the door, and we told her no, but then she said she would see if she could get in (because she lives there too). So she unlocks the door and invites us in (she is not a member, and Sister Styer and I had been talking just that day about how badly we wanted to teach her, because we felt she is really prepared to hear the gospel). So, we sit down and she starts telling us about how she has just had an awful day, she had to come home early from work because she just couldn't take it anymore. She had been praying and asking God for help and guidance, and then we showed up.. she bore a powerful testimony of her Savior and as we introduced the Book of Mormon we felt prompted to share Alma the Younger's conversion story. We shared with her how he was the vilest of sinners, yet he was able to change through Christ and become a true disciple of Him. That story really spoke to her and there was a different light about her. It was such a neat experience, and we will be going back to teach her this week. To be an instrument in the Lords hands is probably the best feeling ever and I'm so grateful to be having these wonderful experiences. 
I love the gospel and my Savior more than I can say. I love all of YOU so much. Thank you for your love and continual support, AND for the delicious almond cookies. Oh my. I may have eaten all of them....and only shared a few with my companion... hahah but seriously, thank you! I hope y'all have the best week ever :)))

Love, Sister Wong

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