October 3 Be Ambitious for Christ

Hello Family!!!

What a week it has been! Wasn't General Conference amazing?! There was
so much and I definitely came away feeling spiritually fed. I have so
many talks I am excited to study and review further.

Conference Take-A-Ways:
1. The Doctrine of Christ: I loved how many talked focused on Faith in
Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy
Ghost and Enduring to the End. These basic principles and ordinances
make up our core beliefs, it was great to receive further knowledge on
how I can better apply it in my life, as well as teach others about
2. Missionary work! Of course, I absolutely LOVED the Saturday
afternoon session of conference, I loved seeing that wonderful choir
of full-time missionaries, I loved standing and singing "Called to
Serve" and feeling the spirit testify to me, once again, that I am
exactly where the Lord needs and wants me to be. I also felt so united
with all the members of the church, knowing that we are all working
together for the same cause! "How great is our calling!"
3. Desire: A few of the questions I brought to conference had to do
with desire, how to increase my desire to serve, how to submit my will
to Gods, and my questions were all answered. I still have a lot of
pondering, prayer and studying to do, but I know that God answers our
questions through conference!
4. Also, I loved the talk about the prophet Joseph smith, as well as
Elder Nelsons talk on Joy! That really spoke to my heart.
Okay so basically I loved all of conference. It was all so so so good!
And okay, can I just say, they literally sang all my favorite hymns! I
just LOVED it!!! It made me so happy every time I got to stand up and
sing along with the choir, or even just hearing the choir sing, it was
amazing and definitely brought the spirit. I always learn so much from
President Monson, his words and his actions reflect the years of
dedicated service to the Lord. It is a blessing and a privilege to
sustain him as a Prophet, seer, and revelator.  I just love this
Well, as for my week, it was a good one! We traveled a lot. We also
had a ton of meetings. We drove to Billings on Monday evening,
practiced our song for MLC (the one we all sang for President and
Sister Wadsworth, it actually all came together and turned out very
nice!) then Tuesday morning we woke up at 3:25am, drove to Helena, had
an AWESOME Mission Leadership Council, then drove back to Billings,
ate cafe rio, and went to bed. It was a long day. Also at cafe rio we
started talking to this couple (because, talk with everyone!) and he
was super nice at first, then proceeded to tell us we needed to google
our religion to find out what we truly believe. Haha. I always think
it's so funny when people tell us to trust google or YouTube over God
and answers to prayers. Anyways, I know God loves him.
On Friday we went down to Gillette for our Zone Training. It went
well, it is weird being the only sisters in the zone.. But it's okay
haha. We were in Gillette for most of the day and then traveled back
to Ranchester to proselyte for the rest of the evening. On Saturday
and Sunday we watched General Conference at the Taylors home!
President Taylor is the YSA Branch president, so they had quite a few
ysa there and L, our investigator came to ALL 4 SESSIONS, AND SHE
LOVED IT! It was pretty cool. She was taking notes the whole time in
the little general conference notebook we got her and she definitely
felt the spirit, it was awesome! Our Ward mission leaders daughter
also got baptized on Sunday, so L came to that as well, she is
just so amazing!
Life is good, it is rainy today and starting to get a little chilly,
but it's good! I know the Lord is definitely helping me and giving me
strength. There are hard days, but the good always out weights the
bad. I am eternally grateful for my Savior and the Atonement. I am so
imperfect, but I know that through the atonement I can change and
become better, that is the good news! I am full of gratitude for the
opportunity I have to "be ambitious for Christ" and to serve a
full-time mission. I know that won't end after 18 months, it is an
eternal pursuit! I am grateful for all your love and support. I love
you all so much and I hope you have the most amazing week ever!!

Love, Sister Wong

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