December 5 Snow Snow Snow

Dear Family, 
Well, it finally happened!! IT SNOWED!! It started last night when we got home and it is still going strong! It is finally starting to feel like winter. I have absolutely loved participating in the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative this past week. It has been such a fun reminder each day of ways to serve as Christ served. I hope you have been enjoying it as well!! 

Missions are weird because SO much happens each week, but by the time Monday rolls around, I feel like I've forgotten everything! This week was a little insane with 3 exchanges and Christmas zone conference, but it was so much fun!! 

Monday night we taught a lesson to this super sweet young mom and we taught her in our stake president's home, which was so awesome! The spirit was so strong and we are excited to keep teaching her! We started off the week with exchanges with the Deerlodge sisters, so sister Miller came to Helena with me and we had a blast! We saw some pretty sweet miracles. One of them was at 8:45pm, we decided to try this referral we had received the day before and I was a little nervous because it was this confusing housing complex thing in a sketchy part of town, but we felt that we should try it, so we did! We drove into the complex and it was the FIRST house we saw! That was miracle number one, then we went up and knocked on the door probably 3 times before he answered, but he answered! We taught him a little about the plan of salvation and he had a lot of questions about where we go after this life. It was neat to see how Heavenly Father is continually directing us to His children that are seeking for peace in this life. 
The L's are doing so great! They had their baptismal interview on Wednesday and it went so well! They are both so excited to be baptized and have invited a lot of their non-member friends and family. It is so great!! It has also been so neat to see the support of the Ward. On Sunday E leaned over to us in sacrament and said, "You two are making us famous because everyone knows about the baptism!" It was so funny haha. But it was great. 

We had Christmas Zone Conference on Thursday which was lots of fun! It was way smaller than last year's, but it was all focused on the Book of Mormon and how the Book of Mormon is a key tool in the conversion process. There were a few missionaries who gave testimonies of the character of Christ Book of Mormon we have been doing as a mission, so that was great! ALSO can we just talk about the picture of MY FACE BEING A REINDEER THAT WAS ON THE MISSION WIDE SLIDE SHOW!!! Probably one of the most hilarious moments. Everyone enjoyed it. So shout out to Mom for sending that one in😂😂 

I also went to Shelby, Montana this week for exchanges which was so fun (and FREEZING) because Shelby is basically southern Canada haha, so I wasn't wearing the right clothes for that weather, but we got to walk around and talk to people out on the streets and it was way fun to be companions with Sister Harward for the day! We came out together and we haven't really served around each other, so it was fun getting to know her better :) 

So all in all, life is so good!!! Thanks for all your love, support, emails, pictures, etc. thanks for being the best family ever! I loved the letter from all of you that I got at Christmas conference, thank you so much!!! I love you all lots :) 

Love, Sister Wong 

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