June 21: Temple Tuesday, Taco Tuesday. Does it get any better?

Hello family :)

I hope summer is treating you well! Can I just say, I LOVE summer in
Sheridan, it is just so beautiful and it is (really) warm. It was in
the high 90s this week, so it looks like I'm in for a warm summer! The
past week has been a little insane but so so so much fun. We have been
going about a million miles an hour so today was a much needed temple
day followed by yummy Cafe Rio. We don't have much of a preparation
day today since we had to drive back from Billings after the temple
this morning, but it's okay!

 Let's see, this week we had 2 exchanges, mission tour, district
meeting, pre mission tour sleep over and zero sleep.. Just kidding
(but not really haha) SO Monday we started our exchange with the
Gillette Spanish sisters and spent the exchange in our area for a
change which was awesome! I think this is the first full week I've
spent in my area this transfer, it's so funny. We saw lots of miracles
in finding and teaching! There are so many prepared people here, it is
 so great.
Mission Tour lunch
My companions, Sister King and Sister King
 Highlights of the week:
1. Ice cream in the park: we had a relief society activity and one of
the less actives we've been working with came, it was awesome!
2. Habitat for Humanity: We cleaned a stove, it was cool!
3. Temple!

MISSION TOUR was absolutely amazing. Elder and Sister Anderson are
such amazing people and definitely left an impression on our mission.
Elder Anderson talked about the importance of planning, how we need to
plan to succeed! He said "I use to wonder how God knows the future,
but then I realized, He knows because He planned it!" I thought that
was pretty profound and insightful! He also talked about understanding
the language of the spirit, how we have to understand it in our mind,
heart AND soul. He related it to how when we are teaching
investigators we teach it to their minds, the spirit teaches it to
their hearts and as they apply it they learn it in their soul. If one
of those elements is missing they will not be able to be fully
converted. It was so amazing! Sister Anderson shared things she has
been learning in her personal study and shared a message about grace.

Basically, missionary work is the best and I love it.

Sorry, I have zero time to email today, but I love you all so so so
much! Have a wonderful week❤️

Love, Sister Wong

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