June 6: Ice Cream in the Park

Hello family!
Today Sister King and I decided to eat ice cream in the park and enjoy
the beautiful sunshine, so that's what we have been doing! We also got
to see live buffalo at the park! I guess they have them for people to
look at, so that was super cool! We got there and looked at the
buffalo but then didn't know where the ice cream was, so we asked one
of the kids which way to go and we found our way! I just LOVE summer!!

Things have been going well here, crazy busy as always, but being busy
is the best thing ever. It is finally starting to feel like summer!!
Sheridan is such a beautiful town and I feel so so so blessed to be
serving here right now. Is past week we taught quite a few lessons,
did lots of service and talked with tons of people! The Sheridan
community is just very nice and open. Everyone knows everyone in this
small town and even if they aren't interested in learning about the
gospel, they are very respectful and friendly. It is just the best!

Sister King and I have seen so many miracles and blessings this past
week. We went on exchanges in Lovell, Wyoming which was SO fun. Lovell
is about 2 hours away so we had a beautiful drive through Big Horn
National Forest, it was really pretty! I got to go on exchanges with
both Sister Crosland and Sister Meek. I learned so much from both of
them and it was just such a fun experience! In Lovell about 60% of the
people there are members, so their methods of finding are a lot
different than what we do in Sheridan. It was funny because I've been
really trying to focus on talking with everyone and when I got to
Lovell I started doing that but literally everyone I talked to was a
member! Sister Crosland just started pointing out the members to me so
I didn't embarrass myself, it was fun.

Sister Meek and I had an awesome exchange, she is such a powerful
missionary and she really understands her power and authority as a
representative of Jesus Christ. I learned so much from her and we had
a really fun time together! All in all it was just a really great
experience and I loved it!
 Highlights of the week! :)

1. "Why are all those people taking pictures of cows?" : I asked
Sister King that question as we were driving through the mountains on
our way to Lovell, as we got closer we saw that they were actually
MOOSE! It was pretty cool, I saw a moose for the first time in my life
and it was great. We pulled over and snapped a few pics, then headed
back on our journey :)
2. Biking, Mosquitos and Tan lines: basically I have a sick farmers
tan and mosquito bites all over, I didn't even know they had mosquitos
here!! We have been biking more and it is just so fun, especially with
all the driving we do it is nice to get out and be in the fresh air of

 One of the biggest miracles this week was Saturday! We had exchanges
in Lovell and got back to Sheridan around 11am. We were jam packed
busy ALL DAY and Heavenly Father put so many people in our path for us
to talk with and teach! At the end of the day Sister King told me that
Heavenly Father will make up for the time we don't get to spend in our
area (since we are on exchanges all the time) and I just know that is

In district meeting I had the opportunity to bear my testimony on the
Book of Mormon and I realized how my testimony and love of the Book of
Mormon has grown in just the past 9 months! I just know the Book of
Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and is true. As we study it daily our
conversion will become deeper and we will be better prepared to meet
our Heavenly Father again some day.

I just love this work and I love Sheridan and Sister King and it is
just the best! Thank you for your prayers, I can feel them and they
definitely strengthen me, I love you all and hope you have a wonderful

Love, Sister Wong

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