May 16: Hello Sales Tax and Cowboy Country❤

Dear Family,
This week has just flown by...I guess so has this transfer! It's crazy to think I've been in Billings for 3 months. It will be hard to say goodbye, since I'm getting transferred on Wednesday! I will be headed to Sheridan, Wyoming to be a Sister Training Leader! I am super pumped for my new area and super not pumped to pack and say goodbye to people, but it will all work out😊 My new companion will be Sister Jessica King (isn't that hilarious? Sister Emily King now Sister Jessica King!) and I am super excited to serve with her in Wyoming.
SO we did lots and lots of service this week, it was awesome! We have been doing lots of gardening and yard work, I got sunburned from my elbow to my wrist.  On Wednesday we had district meeting and we were all asked to bring our bikes so we could do a role-play (since we will all be back on bikes once the weather is nice) Well, it was freezing and windy while we were outside, which is not the ideal time to be riding bikes (especially in skirts. Lol.) but we made the most of it and it was really fun!

On Sunday our sacrament meeting all focused on the restoration of the priesthood, it was really powerful and the spirit definitely testified to me that the priesthood has been restored. After sacrament meeting one of the returning members we are working with asked for a priesthood blessing because she has been sick for about 6 months! So we had two ward members give her a blessing and after she was tearing up and said she could just feel the power and knew it was true. It was a very sweet experience. It has been so wonderful seeing the progress she has made and see her testimony grow and be strengthened.
I've been studying a lot in personal study about the power and authority of our calling as missionaries. We have been set apart to do this work and the Lord has not sent us out to fail. I have a testimony of that. I know He will help all of us. There was a really awesome talk by Stephen Owens from this past general conference called The Greatest Leaders Are the Greatest Followers. He talked about how our Savior is the perfect leader AND follower. Our ability to lead and help others is determined by our desire to follow the Savior.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, I love you so much and thank you for all of your prayers. Keep being awesome missionaries, keep sharing the gospel! I love you!!

Love, Sister Wong

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