May 9: May and Mother's Day!

Dear Family,
So, we had a really great week, it really flew by! It is raining this morning, but it has been a very nice week other than that! We had tons of smoke from the Canadian fires the past few days, so I guess that wasn't super great, but it wasn't that big of a deal. We did lots of service this weekend and taught quite a few lessons, it was great!Like I mentioned yesterday, we are still trying to build our teaching pool. We met this one guy, Bob who we taught the restoration too and it went so so well and he started progressing and he was doing awesome...then he dropped us. But hey, at least a seed was planted. We have been working with quite a few returning members and that is always such an amazing experience. We are preparing them to go to the temple and it is just the best.

 Highlights of the week! :)
1. Authentic Mexican Food: We did some service for the Trevino's(the ones who always give us tortillas because their son owns Trevinos Tortillas) and they made us enchiladas and tacos from scratch and used all fresh tortillas and sent us home with like 50 tortillas, it was so delicious!
2. Cinco de Mayo! To celebrate we went to a Taco deal Sol with a member and ate Mexican food all day.

3. Toasting to the gospel: we had a dinner with a less active family
in a members home and after we all sat down we had our host lifted her glass (so obviously we just followed whatever she was doing)and she toasted to "the gospel" it was awesome. And hilarious. I loved it.
4. Montana Womens Run! We got to be course guards and saw a bunch of people from the stake. It was fun to be out in the community and there were so many people!

5. Stella's: After the Montana Womens Run the Marchant family took us to brunch at Stella's which is this super cute place and they have the most amazing cinnamon rolls (not as good as Maile's of course) but they were dang good! It was so fun😊
Well I love you all so much and I am grateful for your examples in my life. I hope you have a wonderful week and I can't wait to hear from you :) LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister Wong

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