April 18: All Good in the Hood!

Hi Family!

Hope things are going great for y'all, things have been good here in Billings. It is raining and a little chilly, but it is all good. We had a great and busy week! So to start things off last preparation day was literally the best because I got to see Sister Nez!!! AKA best day ever AKA I cried when I saw her #goodtimes we spent a few hours at the mission office chatting, then we went to Panda Express for dinner before she had to head back to Great Falls.

This week we helped Joyce, one of our investigators, in her garden It was super fun! She has a really big yard and we helped her get some of it ready for spring. We cut some fresh flowers for her home and they were so pretty, I took a picture! I think the high priest group is going to do another service project for her later this week, so that should be good!

We went on exchanges this week and I was with Sister Moyer, she is so so awesome! She actually served in the Portage Ward for 6 weeks before I got there, so that is cool! She is such an amazing missionary and it was so fun to be with her for 3 days. We worked in her area so we were in downtown billings. I learned a LOT and had a blast. We street contacted for like 3 hours because there were so many people out and about. It is fun to be in an area with lots of people around because there are so many people to share the gospel with!
 Highlights of the Week:
1. I saw a snake: it was actually not a highlight at all, but it was hilarious. We were walking out of a lesson with Joyce and there was a snake on her steps by her door. I screamed, she laughed, then she let me out her garage door instead😊 Good times.
2. Cafe Rio: need I say more? I ate it for the first time in over a month. It was amazing.

Sister King and I are both doing well and loving Hawthorne Ward We are still doing lots of finding and it's the best. Thanks for your prayers! I love you all so so much. Have a great week😊

Love, Sister Wong

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