Hello April!

Dear Family,
It has been a great week, full of ups and downs (but mostly ups😊)

We are all moved back into the Sears and life is starting to settle
down, which is good! Sister King and I are back in the swing of things
and we are super pumped for this transfer! We have been seeing so many
miracles in our area and it is such a blessing!

This past Wednesday was probably one of the best days ever, we were
able to find 3 new investigators in Lockwood, teach them the
restoration and invite them to be baptized! They were so solid, but
they texted us yesterday and dropped us (so sad). But it is all good
because we will just keep on keeping on. I know the Lord will prepare
a way for them to one day receive the gospel, we just need to trust in
His timing. We also found 2 other new investigators up in the Heights
and we are teaching them the restoration tonight, so that should be

We have a new district leader and we have been setting some great
goals for the transfer, I know that they are inspired and the Lord
will help us reach our goals. Everyone knows that I stress out about
goals and meeting standards of excellence because (obviously) I want
to do my best and I get super frustrated with myself when we don't
meet our goals, but I am learning to be patient with myself and with
others. We are studying the attributes of Christ as a zone this
transfer and this week we are studying "Charity and Love", something I
need more of haha, so I'm excited.

It has been getting brighter in the mornings, so Sister King and I
decided to run outside! Sadly on Tuesday morning she fell and her
knees and hands were all scraped up, so I bandaged
her all up, I did a pretty dang good job if you ask me (haha) but she
is healing very well and will definitely make a full recovery😊
Highlight of the Week:
1. Siracha, Egg and Avocado Toast: I made if for Sister King for the
first time, and she loved it!
2. Service: we volunteered at the satellite bishop's store house on
Saturday (I guess it is some sort of pilot program the church is
trying in our stake) and it was so fun! It is every two weeks so we
will go back at the end of April to help again😊
3. Walking: on Friday we went walking with a less active and taught
her a lesson as we walked, it was so awesome! She came to church this
Sunday for the first time in many years. We are going to try to walk
with her once a week and teach her a lesson as we walk, it is good
physical AND spiritual exercise😉

A really neat experience I had this past week happened when we went to
visit an inactive member. She has chosen to leave the church, but is
still very welcoming of us and she let us right in! We (obviously)
asked if we could share a message and she said she would prefer if we
didn't, however she had a piano and I asked if I could play her some
hymns! She said yes and I proceeded to play a few songs, the last one
I played was "I am a Child of God" and as I played she began to sing
along and then started to tear up, it was so sweet. She opened up to
us about her concerns and her heart was really softened. She is still
not interested in coming back to church, but it was neat to see how
her heart was softened through music. I am so grateful the able to
share my limited talents to do this work; I know that whatever I lack,
the Lord will make up the rest.

So it was a great week, I am excited and feel super blessed to be a
part of this work. It is such a great work and I love it! Have you
seen the new video "A shower of Heavenly Blessings"? It is awesome,
you should watch it for Family Home Evening or something and let me
know what you think :) I love you all so so much, thanks for your
prayers, love and support. It really means the world to me. Keep
sharing the gospel, be examples of the believers and don't be afraid
to open your mouth! Have a great week. LOVE YOU❤️❤️❤️

Love, Sister Wong

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