May 30: Happy Memorial Day!

Dear Family,
Life is so good! This week was crazy awesome and I just love it.
I'm finally starting to catch up on my sleep and it is raining today, but it is extra beautiful. The Elders called us this morning at around 9:55am and told us to come quickly down to Main Street because there was a Memorial Day parade that started at 10am! We got there at around 10:05 and the parade was already over. Gotta love small towns. I sure love Sheridan❤️
This week has been a blur, it went by so quickly! On Tuesday we were working in Ranchester and Dayton, which is the branch about 20 minutes outside of Sheridan, and we didn't have a dinner appointment, so we packed dinner and had a picnic at the park! It was the cutest little park with a fishing pond. There are about 855 people that live in Ranchester and for the most part everyone is so kind! We do lots and lots of street contacting because there are SO many people out and about, especially when the weather is nice.
I went to my first MLC this past week and it was absolutely amazing. Such a spiritually uplifting experience and I learned so much! We drove to Billings on Tuesday night, spent the night with the Billings Sister Training Leaders, then woke up at 3:30am the next morning to drive to Helena. I was so so exhausted, but it was SO worth it. We got to Helena around 8:15 am and our meeting started at 9am. We received a lot of instruction on humility, charity and the doctrine of Christ. One of the assistants gave an excellent discussion on Sin vs. Weakness that really strengthened my  testimony. We discussed how sin drives us away from God and weakness brings us closer to Him. Weaknesses humble us and allow us to rely on the Lord. The medicine for weaknesses are faith and humility, resulting in grace. The medicine for Sin is the atonement, resulting in forgiveness. I have many weaknesses but I know they are helping me to learn and rely on the Savior.

We also discussed this AMAZING article by Elder Larry R. Lawrence from the March 2016 Ensign titled "The Light of the Perfect Day" I would strongly encourage you each to read it. It isn't too long, but it really taught me a lot and strengthened my testimony. It is always so good to be taught by President Wadsworth. He taught us about the doctrine of Christ and our role as standing ministers. It was amazing. We had lunch, break out groups, testimony meeting and we finished around 4pm.  It was seriously the best.

We drove back to Billings, ate Cafe Rio (apparently it's a tradition) and proselyted in Billings for the remainder of the night. We woke up the next day, drove back to Wyoming, Weekly planned, taught some awesome lessons, then woke up early the next day to drive to Gillette for Zone Training. Gillette is about 2 hours away and a LOT bigger than Sheridan. It was fun seeing the members of our zone, I've served with some of them in my past areas so it was fun to be reunited! I gave a discussion on "Light" based off the discussion Sister Wadsworth gave at MLC. We discussed how Christ is the Light and we are sharing His light with others. It was all based off the Ensign article by Elder Lawrence. We had lunch with the sisters who serve in Gillette and then headed back to Sheridan. As you can see, we did quite a bit of traveling this week!
Highlights of the week! :)
1. Sprouted Almonds! Have you ever had them before? Well, there are members in our Ward who have a sprouted almond factory thing and they needed help getting all the a ponds or something, so we did service and oh my goodness I have never seen so many almonds in my life! There was this huge bin with 2500 lbs of al lands. It was crazy awesome. Also they gave us delicious chocolate covered almonds as a "thank you" gift, it was so kind of them😊

2. Sticky Notes! After zone training in Gillette we had a correlation meeting with the zone leaders and district leaders and when we came out to our car the sisters in our zone had put the cutest sticky notes all over are car. They are just the best!!
3. Pizza round 5? We have literally eaten pizza 5 times in the past week, it has been crazy hahah.

I am just loving life, there are definitely ups and downs, but mostly ups. It was so fun to see Sister Anderson at MLC after not seeing her for 7.5 months!
I love Sheridan, I love Sister King, I love missionary work, it is just the best! I hope you all have an awesome first week of summer. I love you so so much!

Love, Sister Wong

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