May 23: "Please bless Sister Wong that she will remember where she is...."

Dear Family,
I will tell you the story behind the subject line of this email. I was meeting one of our recent converts, Brandy, for the first time on Thursday and I was just trying to get to know her better so I asked her, "How long have you been living here in Billings?" She looked at me, very puzzled, then sister King started whispering (very loudly in my ear) "Boise! Boise!" Then I got super confused because I had no idea what Sister King was talking about! I then realized that I was not in Billings, I was in Sheridan Wyoming. Sister King was yelling "Boise!" In my ear because Brandy had mentioned that her family was from Boise so she thought I was   talking about that. It was hilarious and so, so confusing and a little embarrassing. Brandy said the closing prayer and she prayed that "Sister Wong will be able to remember where she is" and I was slightly embarrassed but it was also hilarious. This has basically been the theme of my life the past 4 days. But I love it.

So I am all safe and sound in Sheridan, WY and I absolutely love it! The past 4 days have honestly felt like 2 months and it feels like years since I've emailed home. Please forgive me, we are literally so busy ALL. THE. TIME. and I don't have a ton of time to email, but I love you and I am SO SO SO grateful for your prayers, they are helping me so much.

What even happened this week? Well. I got to Sheridan around 7pm. It was the most beautiful drive from Billings to Sheridan, lots of rolling hills and wide open spaces.  When we got to Sheridan, I met Sister King, who is literally so, so amazing and I love her so much!  We took my stuff to our apartment and headed back to the church building to meet with the bishop of Sheridan 1st Ward. There are 3 wards in Sheridan as well as a YSA branch. We cover one Ward and a branch out in Ranchester, which is about 20 minutes away. It is the cutest little town ever, I love it SO much.

We have done SO much planning the past few days, we just have so much going on and it keeps us so busy. We have set some awesome goals and we definitely have a vision for our area, there is SO much potential here, it is so crazy awesome. We have found so many new investigators in just the past 4 days and everyone is so open to talking with us! I have never experienced so many people being open to hear our message, it is such a miracle and blessing!
Highlights of the week! :)
Okay there were SO MANY but I will just pick a few!
1. Dinner with the Allreds! They had us over for dinner Monday evening and made cupcakes since I was leaving and it was just the sweetest thing ever and I just love that family!
2. Traffic Violation Warning: Sister King and I had literally been together for 45 minutes, we were driving on Main Street to get back to the church and she got pulled over for speeding. Luckily the officer let us off with a warning. There were some tears, some laughter, mostly tears, but we pulled through and bonded over it😊
3. Cowboy Cafe: I celebrated 9 months of being a missionary by going to this cute little restaurant on Main Street and it was just adorable and so much fun!
4. Jack Fruit: we had lunch with some members today and they fed us jackfruit tacos! Apparently it looks and tastes like meat, but it is a fruit. It was really yummy and interesting!

We have talked to SO many people this week and I am definitely strengthening my testimony of talking with everyone. We will literally walk down 1 street (the streets aren't very long in these small towns Hahah) and talk with at least 7 people and find 2 new  investigators.  It is amazing how much the Lord has prepared the people here. I feel so blessed to be serving here!
We have a crazy crazy week planned. We have MLC (missionary leadership council) in Helena on Wednesday, so we will be driving to Billings tomorrow, spending the night, then going to Helena for the day.  Friday we have a zone training meeting in Gillette, which is about an 1.5 hours away, plus all of our appointments, findings, planning, etc.  I have literally never been so tired in my life but it is also the best thing ever because I have zero time to think about myself. The Lord is teaching me so many lessons and I just feel so humbled and grateful for His love. I know that diligence is an expression of our love for Him. I am doing my best to diligently serve Him and I am beginning to understand what it means to serve Him with ALL my might, mind and strength. I thought I knew what that meant, but I have SO much to learn and it is just the best.

I hope you have such an awesome week, I know it will be a crazy one with graduation and everything coming up but I will definitely keep you in my prayers and I know it will be so so so good! I love this work, I have never been happier!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Love, Sister Wong

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