April 25: Weekly Update

Hi Family :)

Hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the sunshine! Let me just say, Montana is crazy. It has been freezing, then it was 85 degrees for two days in a row, now it is freezing again. I just don't even know what to do haha, needless to say, my winter clothes have not been packed away.. Yet😉

It was a good week here in the Heights. We did lots of walking, which was really fun! We have been able to do a lot more street contacting because a lot more people have been out and about! I have decided I like street contacting a lot more than tracting, but they are both good. Remember how we found like 5 new investigators a few weeks ago?  Well, they have all dropped us, so that is unfortunate, but we just keep finding and it is great. There is this bike trail that goes right through our area and we have been able to talk with quite a few people just by walking on that path! It is awesome!
Highlights of the week! :)
1. Holding a turkey: yes, it's true! I have pics to prove it. The Light family has these baby ducks, chicks and turkeys, so we got to see them when we went over for dinner. It was awesome!

2. Bishops storehouse: we volunteered their again this past Saturday and had so much fun! It is really neat to see how organized and effective the church welfare system is. It is awesome!
3. Family history center: we are trying to use family history to find new investigators so we toured the center this past week, I even found 3 family names that are all ready to go to the temple! That was exciting and a huge tender mercy. I am excited to do them after my mission.
I love the Hawthorne Ward, seriously, they are so awesome. The ward is doing a service project for Joyce, one of our investigators, this coming Saturday! We are going to help her get her huge yard all ready for spring, it is exciting!
Things are going great and I am loving the work. It is hard work, but I know he Lord is helping us along. We had a wonderful lesson in relief society this past week about the atonement and how Christ truly understands EVERYTHING we go through. My knowledge and testimony of the Atonement is what carries me through the toughest of days. He knows, He understands. As missionaries we have the opportunity to share how that can bless the lives of so many. It really is a marvelous work, I am grateful to be a part of it. I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful week!Sending my love from MT!!

Love, Sister Wong

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