Week #13 Novemberrrrrrrrr

It was a good week! We had an awesome district meeting where we really focused on the principle and purpose of companionship study. It has really blessed and helped my companionship with Sister Nez. I love taking that full hour to really focus on the needs of our investigators, pray for guidance and seek for inspiration.
We had the opportunity to go on exchanges this past week and I stayed in my area and Sister Rasmussen came with me. It was so nice to have her, I always learn so much from her! We were able to have a lesson with 2 less-active families who have been coming back to church and it was so awesome! Sister Rasmussen really challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and ask members to give us rides to our different appointments (because we were on bikes this past week) and even though it might seem my silly, I learned so much from that! We ended up having the member driving us come to all of our teaching appointments that night and her testimony really set the tone in the lessons and it was such a blessing. I feel like often times I get "comfortable" with where I am, but I am learning the importance of constantly reaching outside of our comfort zones so the Lord can help us grow and progress.  It is awesome!
We also had a really great zone training this past week! What I really got out of it was the importance of being honest with yourself.  As a missionary, as a disciple of Christ we have the Holy Ghost with us and if we are truly honest with ourselves and pray for guidance, we can be more self-reliant.  Personally it is a lot easier for me to be exactly obedient when there are exact and specific rules to follow, but that is easy! I think it is a true test of integrity and faith when we are given the freedom to decide for ourselves if something is right or wrong, or how to handle a situation.
I was also very grateful for Sister Wadsworth's email this week about praying for miracles and having faith that the Lord can do miracles in our work. That is a goal I have set for myself this week: to truly
have the faith (and to pray earnestly) for the Lord to do miracles in our work, because I know He will!

Highlights of the week
1. We biked in the dark in the snow and it was amazing and freezing!
Literally tears flowing down my face because the air was drying my
eyes out and it was hilarious!
2.  Zone Cafe Rio!!! Need I say more?
3. Fry Bread! An awesome member made it for us and it was so great.
4. I drove to Craig, twice!! We had exchanges so we met in Craig both
times and it was so awesome!
5. Another awesome member made us these amazing scarfs! I will attach pics!!

Life is good in Montana! Thank you for the emails, prayers and
everything, you are all amazing and I love you so much! I hope you all
have a wonderful week, you're in my prayers! I hope everything is
going amazing for you all!!

Love, Sister Wong

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