Week #15 Hey Y'all

It was been a warm and sunny week here in Great Falls!  The Chanukahs are REAL!! It even got up to the high 50s this week! Almost all the snow has melted and the roads are nice and clear again. I have no idea how long this will last, but Sister Nez and I are enjoying it while we can. It has been a good week, we have been working hard to find people to teach about the gospel. We started off the week a little rocky, but it ended great. On Tuesday we went to institute (we are trying to work with the YSA since the college campus is in our area!) and we had an awesome lesson on sacrifice. We discussed how the law of Moses is a type and shadow of Christ and how everything they were suppose to do pointed them towards Christ. It inspired me to want to study the Old Testament more, there are some awesome things in there!!

On Wednesday we went to Activity Days again except this week we visited the 10-11 year olds! It was fun, there were two cute girls and we got to share our testimonies with them and play some games. We also made this candy count down to Christmas, it is basically like a candy lei but not tied into a circle, it was fun! Then we went to a dinner with the Galloway family, they are in a different Ward but they invited us over to dinner with the two sets of missionaries serving in their Ward! It was so cute, when we arrived there were cute little stockings and cards placed on each plate. We had a delicious dinner and it was just such a fun evening.
On Friday I helped build a house! There is this housing project where people build their own homes or something and so one of the members in our Ward has a friend who is building a house there and asked if we could come volunteer, so of course we said yes! Most of our zone came out and we had a fun couple of hours. Sister Nez and I went down into the crawl space and foamed the corners of the house. We had to wear gas masks and everything. It was awesome! We basically were sitting underground for an hour haha so when we saw the sun again we were so happy!
On Friday we also had a zone training meeting. It is always so fun when the whole zones gets together. We got trained on planning, our purpose as missionaries and prayer. In a few weeks we have a Multi-Zone Christmas Conference and I am super excited for that! We are all singing three songs as a "choir" except everyone has to participate so I don't think we will have much of an audience. But I have been assigned to make sure our zone knows all of the songs before we come together at zone conference, so hopefully everyone is practicing! Also, since our whole district and practically our zone all stayed the same, there is not a piano playing missionary. Therefore I am still struggling to practice and play hymns at district meetings and zone trainings haha, but it's not too bad. Yay for using my talents (although I don't really know if my limited piano skill would be considered a talent haha)
Friday evening was the Christmas Walk on central avenue, it was so fun! We were not allowed to proselyte, so we just stood on different corners and sang Christmas carols. By the end of the night we had a pretty good sized group of people gathered listening to us. It was so fun to be a part of it, I just love Christmas!

Saturday was a busy day, we had a New Transfer meeting with the Stake President which was so good. President Pfile invited each of us to bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting, young men's, young women's and primary. SO I had the opportunity to bear my testimony 5 times this past Sunday, it was such a blessing! During the testimony meeting, many of the members and less active members we have been working with stood up and bore their testimonies. They shared how they loved their Savior and how the missionaries have been a blessing in their life. I was taken aback and I realized that Heavenly Father has prepared people for us to teach in this area at this time. We are working with specific people and helping them prepare to enter the temple again. While that may not be the baptism I was thinking I would have as a missionary, it is just as important, if not more, to help these saints continue in their journey toward exaltation.

I know this work has nothing to do with me. I am simply a tool in my Saviors hands. I know this work is the work of salvation and I am so grateful to be a part of it. I know that my success as a missionary is not based on the number of baptisms I have, it is based on my commitment and desire to find, teach and baptize. To bring people closer to Christ. I am grateful for this call to serve.

Highlights of the week! :)
1. Malt-o-meal cereal!! One of our zone leaders lives by the place where they make the cereal so his mom sent all of us cereal!! It is so yummy!
2. Christmas David Archuleta CD: we have been listening to it nonstop since sister Nez got it, it is so fun!
3. Curry night!! We had amazing beef curry at President Strausbauch's (our elders quorum president) home on Sunday, it was so delicious!!
I love you all, I am so grateful for your example! I would invite all of you to watch "A Savior is Born" and share it with as many people as you can. I am so grateful that my savior was born over 2,000 years ago. Because He was born, I can share His gospel with all of God's children. I have received so many blessings in my life and I know it is through Christ that I am able to have peace and joy in this life.
I love being a missionary, I love serving my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I love you so much!!

Love, Sister Wong

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