Ups and Downs, but mostly Ups

I hope all is well in Hawaii! Things are going great here in Great Falls, MT. I hope you all had an excellent week and are enjoying the sunshine. This past week started of great, went a little south towards the middle, but ended up great. Everything always works out and I know the Lord is on our side!

SO on Tuesday we went to help continue building a house, we set up scaffolding (I learned what that is AND how to set it up!!) for a couple hours and helped with little projects around the project site. It was beautiful up there and it wasn't too cold, which was awesome!
After our district all went to Cafe Rio for taco Tuesday, it was so fun!  Then we spent the rest of the day contacting potential investigators, tracting, and finding people to teach. It was really productive but also really cold. It must have been a combination of the elements and my poor immune system because I woke up on Wednesday with a high fever, sore throat, body aches and chills. It was awful. So I stayed home all day, took medicine and slept. I probably slept for 18 hours that day, I didn't know I could sleep that much!
On Thursday my fever was gone but I still felt pretty awful. The district leader and his companion stopped by and gave me a blessing as well as a box of tissues and medicine haha. Everyone has been taking such good care of me! Ward members have brought over meals, medicine, chicken soup, you name it! I even got some orange juice, a humidifier machine (for my stuffy nose), and Airborne. 

By Friday I was determine to get back to work. It was pretty rough and I didn't make it the whole day, but I did get out a little! Saturday was a little better and Sunday was great. We had Ward conference so we heard from both the bishop and the stake president in sacrament meeting. Bishop talked about studying Christlike attributes from preach my gospel and extended that invitation to the Ward! 

 Highlights of the week :)
1. Last preparation day I won my FIRST GAME OF PODBALL!!! It was pretty epic. Everyone cheered for me.
2. President Strausbauch's CURRY!! He makes it for us once a transfer and seriously it is the best thing ever. He always makes sure we are taken care of (he brought over a bunch of stuff when I was sick to help me feel better, including the humidifier machine! He is so awesome)
Life is good. We were able to watch the young adult devotional last night with the young adults in the stake and I loved something that President Nelson said, he said "The prophet gave me an assignment so I set out to do what I thought was utterly impossible." I couldn't help but relate that to missionary work! I received a call and assignment from our dear prophet, although it is challenging and sometimes seems impossible, we need to just do it! The Lord has prepared a way for us to accomplish this great work, His arm of mercy is always extended towards us!
I love you all, keep pressing forward with faith :)

Love, Sister Wong

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