Week # 8 A Crazy Kind of Great!

Tuesday's District Meeting

It has been a CRAZY week, but crazy in a great way!! There have been so many wonderful things that have happened this week. 
We had a lesson with one of our investigators who is super awesome.  We were talking about repentance and forgiveness and then he said he felt like this scene from Wayne's World where the two guys are saying "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"  He proceeded to show us the scene on his phone, I'm pretty sure that movie isn't mission approved, but hey if he can relate the gospel to a movie, then it's all good! He also baked us these yummy peanut butter cupcakes, it was so great!
Tuesday District Meeting!!! It was amazing, all about our calling as missionaries, the atonement and the priesthood. We talked about how "The Atonement is the supreme expression of our Heavenly Father’s love for us. It is also the greatest expression of the Savior’s love for the Father and for us."  It was really neat to hear the testimonies of all the members of our district. I am so grateful for my Savior and the ultimate sacrifice He made for me. I know I will never fully comprehend the infinite atonement, but I am so grateful for the testimony I have of it!  I have felt my Savior's love for me and I know He lives! They asked me to bear my testimony on the priesthood and I was able to reflect on how the priesthood has truly blessed my life. I am so grateful that I grew up in a home with a worthy priesthood holder, it has brought so many blessings to me and our family.
Friday night lights!
Friday Night Football!!! On Friday night we volunteered at a high school homecoming football game working the concession stands!  It was fun to hear all the band music and remember the good old BYU football days!  It was a fun service project, hopefully we get to do it again!  Saturday we helped someone move, it was pretty fun and a great missionary activity! 
Saturday Stake Relief Society Activity!!! Themed "Anchor your Faith in the Light of the Lord". I loved the stake president's devotional about the importance of having a strong testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith, accepting our callings and losing ourselves in the service of the Lord. It really inspired me! One thing that he said that I really loved was that we are called to serve because the Lord can work through us, it is His light that we are sharing, not our own. That really helped me to put things into perspective.  Everything that I do well as a missionary comes from the Lord. It brings me so much comfort to know that I am not on this journey alone!

SO, this week is my First Transfer!!! I assumed that Sister Anderson and I would be staying in the Portage Ward so she could finish training me (training is 12 weeks).  However, on Sunday she got a call from the mission president to be a sister training leader in Wyoming! Naturally I was SO excited for her, but then had a mini panic attack as I realized I would be getting a new trainer!  A few hours later the zone leaders called with my transfer news, I will be STAYING in the Portage Ward AND I will be TRAINING a new sister!!!  I was so surprised when they asked me to train...I am so new and I am still training!!
Our faces after our transfer calls....
My first feeling was a feeling of complete inadequacy.. Like I don't even know how to be a missionary yet! I've only been a missionary for 6 weeks!! However, I know the Lord qualifies those He calls, I know I won't be on my own. I know that this assignment is another way for me to serve and I am SO excited.  Prayers would be much appreciated since I feel like I have no idea what is going on (just kidding but not really haha) and I get my new companion right out of the MTC on Thursday!

Other Highlights from the week:
1. It was super sunny all week AND we just found out it is a rule to bike every day, SO we have been biking every day.  It has been extra windy.. but it is fun!
Every day is a great day to bike!
2. Cafe Rio multiple times.. Need I say more?

3. Two more people with baptismal dates!

It has definitely been a growing week!  I know this next week will definitely challenge me, but I am ready to learn and grow even more. I love you all and I'm so grateful for the letters and emails. You are all such great examples to me and I love this gospel. Being a missionary is so awesome and I just love it! I'm excited to see what's in store for this coming week!!!

Love, Sister Wong

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