Week #4 Great in Great Falls!

Green means GROW!
Everything is going great in Great Falls! :) We had a busy week, lots of finding, tracting, teaching and so on. We have an awesome ward here, the members are great and they always help us out. One of our mission standards of excellence is to have 100% member presence in each lesson, so our members are really good about coming to lessons with us! We invited one of our investigators to be baptized this week and she said yes! We set a date for her in October, so hopefully she starts coming to church and keeps praying and reading the Book of Mormon!

I attended my first ward council meeting on Sunday, it was super interesting and awesome to see how ward leadership works together to benefit and bless the ward in which they are serving! In weekly planning this week we made a list of all the people we need to find so we can update our area book and figure out who is interested in learning more about the gospel, in other words we will be doing a LOT of finding this week, I am really excited about it!
We had a first lesson with a family this week that was funny! It was a mom and three young kids, and when we sat down for the lesson the following conversation took place with the oldest son who was about 8 years old: "Okay, do you want some tea?"
Us: "No, we actually don't drink tea."
Boy: "Oh, do you want come coffee?"
Us: "We actually don't drink coffee either."
Boy: "Well then what do you even drink?!?"
It was so funny and cute, he was insistent that we have something to drink. Maybe we will teach the word of wisdom next lesson.. just kidding :)

It is awesome being a missionary!
Sister Anderson and I have been working hard to find people who are ready to receive the gospel.  At times it can be discouraging, but this is the work of Salvation, it isn't suppose to be easy! It is hard because Salvation is hard! So even if every door gets slammed in our faces, we will keep searching for those who are ready and willing to learn more about Christ. In our district meeting this past week we learned a lot about the importance of asking for referrals, working with the ward council, and working with members. I had a chance to share what I've been studying in personal study. I loved being able to bear my testimony on having faith in the Lords timing and faith in good things to come. I know that my testimony has already grown and been strengthened so much since coming on a mission, I know it will continue to grow and I am so excited! It is awesome being a missionary, I love it and I'm so grateful for this time I have to be in the full-time service of my Heavenly Father. I love waking up each morning and putting my name tag on, and reminding myself that I get to represent Jesus Christ! It is awesome!!
Highlights and things from the week :
  • I got stung by a bee, it was the worst, my hand is still swollen.
  • We made French toast for dinner which was awesome and delicious!
  • Everyone here has dogs so I am constantly in fear of getting attacked. (lol)
  • There are also like a million mosquitos here... I have like a million bites all, over my body haha.
  • I rode my beautiful new bike for the first time, it was awesome!!  Riding a bike in a skirt really isn't that bad!
  • It was so warm this week, it was great! It will be getting cooler this coming week, but the sun was great while it lasted!
  • We are going "caving" today with a ward member and our district, we will be wearing hard hats and it sounds pretty intense but I'm excited!!
Well, until next week!! I love you guys so much!! Have a wonderful week, you are always in my prayers.

Love, Sister Wong

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