Montana, Here I Come!

Week # 2 at the MTC!
This week was awesome! I don't even know where to begin.  This week has been a lot more difficult, but I have learned lots of new lessons.  This week we had some awesome lessons with one of our investigators.  It started off really rough because she was struggling with finding answers to her prayers. She didn't feel that God was answering her and it was really difficult for her to have faith because she wasn't seeing results. We talked to her a lot about the Holy Ghost, but she said she had never felt it before. We were really discouraged after the second and third lessons because we felt she wasn't progressing and building her faith in Christ. We planned a lot for our last lesson with her and did our best to figure out (through the spirit) what she needed to hear from us. To our surprise, our last lesson went very well! We could feel her testimony growing and it was just amazing. I learned A LOT about having faith in the Lord's timing. That is something that I struggle with at times because I want everyone to have the fullness of the gospel in their lives, but the truth is some people are ready for it and some people aren't, it is all about the Lord's timing.

We have also been working with another investigator this week and he has progressed so much! He has been reading the Book of Mormon and has committed to being baptized! He still has a lot to learn, but I know that because he is acting in faith, Heavenly Father will bless him! Our third investigator is also super awesome, she has been reading the Book of Mormon and has committed to coming to church. I know this is just the MTC, but it is so amazing to see people grow in faith. One thing that someone said this week that I really loved is that "we don't need the investigators to connect with us, we need them to connect to Christ." While it is super important to gain the trust of investigators and people we teach, it is MORE important that we help them build their faith in Christ and help them develop that relationship with Heavenly Father. I think my favorite part of missionary work is seeing how people can change. The gospel is so true and I love it with all my heart! This week was full of trials, but a scripture that I have come to LOVE is Ether 12:6, which talks about how we receive a witness of things AFTER the trial of our faith. The things I have struggled with this week have caused me to turn to my Savior and have reminded me that HE is the one who is in charge. We may not know why we are going through a trial, but if we go forth in faith, we will be blessed! 

Sisters in my MTC Zone
Here are some super fun things me and my companions did this week :) Side note: it is going to be SO hard to say goodbye to them tomorrow because I love them so much! Okay, so we taught relief society in our branch and our lesson was on the Book of Mormon, it was awesome! We showed that video of Jeffery R. Holland bearing his testimony on the Book of Mormon, it was so powerful! Second, I'm not sure if I told you this but me and my comps were in charge of organizing the music for our branch this Sunday, so we got our whole district to sing "I Know that my Redeemer Lives." It was so awesome (I don't actually know if it sounded awesome) but the spirit was so strong! My testimony continues to grow every time I testify of Christ. It is awesome. ALSO, me and my comps matched multiple times this week, it was awesome...I will send some pics. This morning we were able to do a temple session together which was also really nice. My companions are so sweet and we have had great companion unity! I am so grateful for these experiences I've had at the MTC, I will cherish them forever. I have seen so many tender mercies and I have grown a lot. However, I am SO excited to get on that plane tomorrow and head to Montana!
Matching with my Companions!

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